Anthony OKS – “Let it Fall” Video Review

by Nigel Webber

“Let it Fall”, the new single from Anthony OKS is a reflective and contemplative song. The beat, produced by OKS’ main collaborator, Paalsh, is anchored by a solid bass line but flourishes in the piano work by Mark Kolt. Anthony rocks a slower cadence but also shows off some of his singing ability in the hook. There is also a female vocal line sung by Joanna Majoko through the chorus that gives the whole song a dreamy vibe. The video, directed by Nic Kriellaars, is deceptively simple but has satisfying layers like a visual baklava.

Filmed in black & white, the video is a single shot that starts and ends with Anthony seated at a lone chair beside a record player. Throughout the first verse, Anthony walks down a blank hallway rapping to the camera. As the second verse begins, Anthony enters a series of small rooms. In the first, he circles a man dribbling a basketball. In the second is a man, back to the camera, looking in a mirror. In the third is a young kid, dressed a lot like Anthony, standing in front of a spinning record. Anthony looks pensively through the glass at the child and continues back to his chair rapping the final verse. A relatively simple concept but coupled with Anthony’s lyrics, it creates a very meaningful visual about following your dreams.

In the song, OKS tells the story of a character trying to become a professional basketball player who goes through some legal mishaps only to look within and discover that music was really their calling. Each of the three small rooms represents a different phase of the characters development. The first room, with the basketball player, is about pursuing that dream of going pro. The second is the contemplation of the dream as it crumbles. And the third is the childlike realization that the most important thing, the true calling was right in front of you the entire time. OKS suggests as much in the lines “you was chosen, but you needed to realize what you were really out here doing.”

The songs chorus of “let the rain fall down on you, and feel that cool” can also be interpreted as the character in the song accepting the reality of their situation, letting the cool rain of their situation wash over their hot ambitions in a sobering reality check. This notion of fluidity is felt in the camera work and blocking of the video. Both the camera and OKS are on the move throughout while the three stages of the character are all stationary and fixed, symbolizing the static nature of those past versions while demonstrating OKS’ freedom of choice in his own reality.

“Let It Fall” is the first single off Anthony OKS’ new EP, out summer 2019.

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