Beirut :: En route to Winnipeg!

By Adrienne Yeung

Beirut’s latest album, The Rip Tide (released September 2011), is a distinct departure from their previous records’ literal-interpretations-of-world-music-mixed-with-indie-rock. Apparently, the upbeat, pop sound of this album was a natural and deliberate next step. Stylus made a phone call to bassist Paul Collins in New York to chat about touring,  favourite tracks, the members of Beirut,  and how they put their new sound together. Continue reading “Beirut :: En route to Winnipeg!”

CC Trubiak – They Say I’m Different

cc trubiak’s album they say i’m different is not what i expected. upon blindly picking it up at the stylus meeting and believing it to be some sort of rhymesayers or break bread style of hip-hop, imagine my surprise at it being an acoustic singer-songwriter affair. names like montreal’s patrick watson and groups like beirut come to mind in terms of contemporary artists. trubiak has a subtle voice that really carries these tracks about love (lost and found). this record is highly advised, not only for fans of the aforementioned patrick watson and beirut but for fans of james taylor as well. (Independent, c.frsn