Album Review :: DISHPIT :: DIPSHIT

by Daniel Kussy

The long awaited debut by Montreal punk queens Dishpit has proven a sleeper hit of 2021. Released back in March, Dipshit encompasses the passion and excitement of a high school band, without any regard for any rules, putting their craft to tape for the first time. Said energy translates to confidence as performers and songwriters after serving several years perfecting their stage presence.

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METZ :: Moved By The Energy Of Live Performance

by Ryan Haughey

Rip to it. Trash to it. Bite and tear off a morsel of METZ, because there’s more than enough of them to go around as they tour North America and beyond. After biding their time, pent up and barred from getting on stage these last 20 odd months, METZ is ready to get back in front of a crowd of animalistic headbangers. They’ll be doing just that on November 29 in Winnipeg. 

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Album Review :: Casper Skulls :: Knows No Kindness

by Ryan Haughey   

Casper Skulls throws listeners through a fast-paced portal of sonic emotions with Kindness. On the opening track, “Tommy”, Casper Skulls presents indecision with the short piano intro that gives listeners insight into the views of “Tommy’s” perspective. However, the storyteller expresses tentativeness for intimacy with a transition into the clean guitar riff with the lyrics “Tommy I just don’t know”. The following guitar riff is youthfully insightful, with lyrics that explore the possibilities of relationships, exploring commitment and emotional attachment.

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