Track Review :: Anthony OKS “TBA”

by Nigel Webber

Anthony OKS has achieved certified banger status with “TBA.” OKS, a member of long running Winnipeg hip-hop group the Lytics, has a new single from his solo project that features his brother and fellow Lytic, Andrew O. The beat for “TBA,” produced by Paalsh, is driven by a pulsing bass guitar riff, allowing OKS’ vocals to reinforce the urge to head nod. Continue reading “Track Review :: Anthony OKS “TBA””

Hillbilly Highway – Gettin’ Lucky with Mayes & Nowicki

by Sheldon Birnie

Romi Mayes is a staple of the Winnipeg roots rockin’ scene. A guitar wielding, songwriting babe, Mayes has been touring for years as two-piece blues rock combo with powerhouse guitar-picker Jay Nowicki of the Perpetrators. The Mayes & Nowicki show have toured around the world and back again over the past few years, releasing the Times Fades Away styled live album Lucky Tonight last year. Personally, I’ve been in awe of Mayes songwriting and strong stage presence for years. This Friday, I’m pumped up to have my band to open for Mayes & Nowicki at the Cavern. I caught up with Romi over the phone after the May Long Weekend to chat about the gig, a new music video, and what keeps her inspired while travelling the lengths of the Hillbilly Highway. Continue reading “Hillbilly Highway – Gettin’ Lucky with Mayes & Nowicki”