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Epsilon Knot - Edna
Alejandro Escovedo - 'With these Hands' Music and Interview
Scott Cushnie - 2 Pianos No Waiting Featuring
4-Star Movie - 4-Star Movie
Chloe - 5 Song EP
Meanies - 10% Weird
Abiodun Oyewole - 25 Years
Promise Ring, The - 30 Degrees Everywhere
Various Artists - 33? / 45
Beta Minus Mechanic - 69 Camaro
Mars ILL - 78+
100 Watts - 100 Watts
Chinchilla - 101 Italian Hits
112 - 112
Gerry Miles - A. Licht H. Keiji
Various Artists - Absolute 90's
Various Artists - Accustomed to Nothing
Another White Male - Acid Coloured Eyes
An April March - Adagio
Tool - Aenima
Pregnant - After Dinner Mints
The Auteurs - After Murder Park
Mutiny - Aftershock 2005
World Bang - Alice D
2pac - All Eyez on Me
Diana Krall - All For You
Down By Law - All Scratched Up!
Various Artists - All Ska-nadian Club II
LL Cool J - All World
Various Artists - The All-Skanadian Club, Vol. 2
Various Artists - Altered Beats: Assassin Knowledges of the Remanipulated
Alternakitty - Alternative sampler
Medicine Bone - Amber Flashing
Wendy Lands - Angels And Ordinary Men
Angie Tysseland - Angie Tysseland
Knucklehead - Another Neurotic Episode
Cattle - Another white male
Total Chaos - Anthems From the Alleyway
The Beatles - Anthology 2
The Beatles - Anthology 3
The Beatles - Anthology 3/
Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar
Da Brat - Anuthatantrum
Stand G. T. - Apocalypse Cow
Jeri Brown - April In Paris
Thomas Handy Trio - Arc
Home Alive - The Art of Self Defense (1996)
Assorted Jelly Beans - Assorted Jelly Beans
XZibit - At the Speed of Life
OutKast - ATLiens
Chuck D - Autobiography of Mistachuck
Automatic 7 - Automatic 7
Autour de Lucie - Autour De Lucie
Groove Theory - Baby Luv
Baby Wayne/Powerman - Baby Wayne/Powerman
Elevator to Hell - Backwards May
La Polla Records - Bajo Presion
Ric Menck - The Ballad Of Ric Menck
Sugarplastic - Bang the Earth Is Round (Audio Cassette)
Various Artists - Barb Wire: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Screeching Weasel - Bark Like A Dog
Various Artists - Soundtracks - Basquiat Original Soundtrack
Michael Rose - Be Yourself
Starkicker - Beach Music
Bowery Electric - Beat
Terrell - Beautiful Side of Madness
Beenie Man/Doni Marshall - Beenie Man/Doni Marshall
Pet Shop Boys - Before
Kiss the Midget - Behave
Various Artists - Behind the Eye 3
Pachinko - Behind The Green Pachinko
Wilco - Being There
Incognito - Beneath The Surface
Bent - Bent
Various Artists - Best Of Blues Guitar
Bow Wow Wow - The Best of Bow Wow Wow
Django Reinhardt - The Best of Django Reinhardt
Songs Of The Spirt - The Best Of Sweet Grass
Juno Reactor - Bible of Dreams
Bif Naked - Bif Naked
Phil Reynolds - Big Front Door
Lester Quitzau - A Big Love
Field day - Big Wheels
Our Lady Peace - The Birdman
Shonen Knife - The Birds & the B-Sides
Bad Brains - Black Dots
Fluffy - Black Eye
Various Artists - Black Night - Deep Purple Tribute According To New York
Danzig - Blackacidevil
Blahzay Blahzay - Blah Blah Blah
Blow It Out Your Ass It's Veruca Salt - Blow It Out Your Ass It's Veruca Salt
Texas Is the Reason & The Promise Ring - Blue Boy/E. Texas Ave.
Rheostatics - Blue Hysteria
Beautiful South, The - Blue Is The Colour
Blinker the Star - Bluish Boy
Bob Mould - Bob Mould
Concrete Mob - Boiling Point
Bonepony - Bonepony
Tim Booth, Angelo Badalamenti - Booth & Bad Angel
Bootsauce - Bootism
Various Artists - Bordello of Blood
Tales from the crypt - Bordello of Blood
Various Artists - Bored Generation
Barnaked Ladies - Born On A Pirate Ship
Blinker the Star - Bourgeois Kitten
Westside Connection - Bow Down
Cub - Box of Hair
Babylon Zoo - Boy With the X-Ray Eyes
Lifetime - The Boy's No Good/Somewhere in the Swamps of New Jersey
Br5-49 - Br5-49 (Audio Cassette)
Soundtrack - Brain Candy - Soundtrack
Various Artists - Brassic Beats: Trip Hop All Funked Up
Breathe Underwater - Breathe Underwater
Liquid Amber - Breed
Quad - Bring it on
Lee Ranaldo - Broken Circle
The Deadcats - Bucket Of Love
Soul Finger - The Buddha of Eternal Sexual Pleasure
Bugge Wesseltoft - Bug
Tracy Bonham - The Burdens Of Being Upright
PMD - Business Is Business
the buster brown campaign - the buster brown campaign
Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys - C
Shelneufeld - Call of the wild
Noa - Calling
Men O'Steel - Can I Have a Piece?
Jane Trojan - The Canada Magic Suite
The Candy Snatchers - The Candy Snatchers
Matt Keating - Candy Valentine
Matt Keating - Candy Valentine
Kat Rocket - Captured by the Dream Co.
Peter White - Caravan Of Dreams
Ellis Paul - A Carnival of Voices
Ellis Paul - A Carnival Of Voices
The Divine Company - Casanola
case - Case
Dirtmitts, The - Catch
Loretto Reid & Brian Taheny - Celtic Mettle
Space Kid - Cereal
Sundog - Charlie Redstar
Charm Farm - Charm Farm
Plexi - Cheer Up
Chemical Imbalance - Chemical Imbalance
Thrall - Chemical Wedding
Music West 96 - Chew On This
Cheza - Cheza
Chixdiggt - Chixdiggt
Catharsis - Christmas Cards for the War
Various - Christmas cocktails
Various Artists - Christmas Cocktails
Mu330 - Chumps on Parade
Various Artists - City of Angels
Brent Truitt - City Rain
Bomb the Bass - Clear
Jason and The Scorchers - Clear Impetuous Morning
Douglas Spotted Eagle - Closer To Far Away
Dave Allen & Elastic Purejoy - Clutter of Pop
Omicron - Colonization Remixes
Wall Matthews & Aleta Greene - The Color of Dusk
Peacocks, The - Come with Us
Suede - Coming Up
Compilation 94-95 - Compilation 94-95
Gin Blossoms - Congratulations I'm Sorry
13 Engines - Conquistador
House Of Contention - Contention
Friends of Dean Martinez - Cordova
Dayglo Abortions - Corporate Whores
SuperHalo - The Cost of Breathing
Frogpond - Count to Ten
Country Teasers - Country Teasers
Embrace - Coven the Eternal
Various Artists - Covers - And Your Bird Can Sing
Various Artists - Covers - Mama Told Me Not to Come
David Wilkie & Mcdades - Cowboy Celtic
The Change - Cracked And Faded
The craft - The craft
Barstool Prophets - Crank
Wretched Ethyl - Cranky
Sincola - Crash Landing In Teen Heaven
MD.45 - The Craving
MD.45 - Craving
Rehab Club - Crazy Man's Heaven
Crazy Rhythm Daddies! - Crazy Rhythm Daddies!
Moisten Before Use - Creature
Feed - Creeper
Cripple - Cripple
Nickelback - Curb
Originoo Gunn Clappaz - Da Storm
Teen Angels - Daddy
Naked Planet - Daddy Loves Me
John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey - Dance Hall at Louse Point
Wicked Farleys - Dance pool hits
Queen - Dance Traxx
Wayne Kramer - Dangerous Madness
Babyface - The Day
Ocean Colour Scene - The Day We Caught The Train
Sustain - Daytona
Future Sound of London - Dead Cities
Death In Vegas - Dead Elvis
Freeze, Bollweevils - Deadly Duo
McEiht - Death Threatz
Murphy's Law - Dedicated
Nancy Boy - Deep Sleep Motel
Dig - Defenders of the Universe
Definition of sound experience - Definition of sound experience
Various Artists - a Delicate Dependency Music For Vampires
Snuff - Demmamussabebonk
Killing Joke - Democracy
Mono Puff - Devil Went Down to Newport
The Fixtures - Devil's Playground
Amy Rigby - Diary of a Mod Housewife
Anti-Flag - Die For Your Government
Dirt Merchants - Dirt Merchants
Keoki - Disco Death Race 2000
gigantic - Disenchanted
Dissemblers - Dissemblers
Distractions - Distractions
David Gray - Divorced? Sell, Sell, Sell
DJ Honda - DJ Honda
Peechees - Do the Math
Downset - Do We Speak a Dead Language?
808 State - Don Solaris - Don't Drink the Bathwater
Golden Smog - Down By the Old Mainstream
Sound garden - down on the upside
Noise Therapy - The Dr. Johnny Fever Remixes
Drill - Drill
Spirits - Drive
Dru Hill - Dru Hill
Various Artists - Dubmission
Screaming Trees - Dust (Vinyl)
E.C. Ball with Orna Ball - E.C. Ball with Orna Ball
E.C. Ball, Orna Ball & The Friendly Gospel Sing - E.C. Ball with Orna Ball & the Friendly Gospel Singers
Joan Osborne - Early Recordings
Universal Honey - Earth Moon Transit
Easterdogs - Easterdogs
eh? - eh?
Pachinko - El Diablo En Señorita
Bobby Fuller - El Paso Rock, Vol. 1
Dada - El Subliminaco
Butthole Surfers - Electriclarryland
Elevator to Hell - Elevator to Hell
Spacetime Continuum - Emit Ecaps
Good Horsey - Emperor Nick
Keith Murray - Enigma
Arcwelder - Entropy
Enzso - Enzso
Jimmy Young - EP
Jerry Alfred & Medicine Beat - Esti Shon Grandfather Song
The Don Houge Quinet - The Eternal Now
Off And Gone - Everest
Descendents - Everything Sucks
Ginger - Everything You're Missing
Rage Againest The Machine - Evil Empire
Klute - Excel
Lisa Germano - Excerpts from a Love Circus
Bluetones - Expecting To Fly
Man or Astro-man? - Experiment Zero
DSK - Exploder
Download - Eyes Of Stanley Pain
Face to Face - Face To Face
Sportsguitar - Fade | cliche
Basehead - Faith
Larry Lawrence Statland - Faithful Street
Various Artists - Fall In-Store Sampler '96
The Philosopher Kings - Famous, Rich and Beautiful
Marc Almond - Fanastic star
Wammo - Fat Headed Stranger
Black Grape - Fat Neck
The Amibient way to dub - a fat,loud,and legal way to a musical drug
Various Artists - Favorite Classics (Featuring London Symphony Orchestra)
Solution a.d - Fearless
Plitch & Davis - Feast
Shawn Colvin - A Few Small Repairs
Angelique Kidjo - Fifa
My Dog Popper - Fifi
Ministry - Filth Pig
Steve Vai - Fire Garden
Prodigy - Firestarter (Maxi CD)
M.O.P. - Firing Squad
Cardigans - First Band On The Moon
F-Jam - First Time
Various Artists - Soundtracks - First Wives Club
Fishbone - Fishbone 101 Nuttasaurusmeg Fossil Fuelin' The Fonkay
Asexuals - Fitzjoy
The Refreshments - Fizzy Fuzzy Big And Buzzy
Husband - Fluffy
Fluffy - Fluffy
Planet Jazz - Flying New World
Wray Downes - For You...E
Pleasure Fuckers - For Your Pleasure
Jackie Leven - Forbidden Songs of the Dying West
Delon Richards - Fountain Filled With Mercy
Hilario Duran - Francisco's Song
Freaks of Nature - Freaks of Nature
Dodgy - Free Peace Sweet
Alex Mason - Free- Fight
Various Artists - Fresh Disco Classics
Phono-Combo - Fresh Gasoline
Jeri Brown - Fresh Start
Skiploader - From Can Through String
Fu Manchu - Fu Manchu
Rustbucket - Fully Loaded
Various Artists - Soundtracks - Funeral
SNFU - Fyulaba
King Lettuce - Geek Waterloogan
Pure - Generation Six-Pack
Stark Raving Chandler - Generica
Tubes - Genius of America
Hog - Get A Job LP version
Huevos Rancheros - Get Outta Dodge
Shuffle Demons, The - Get Right EP
Four Horsemen - Gettin Pretty Good at Barely Gettin by
The Kill Joys - Gimme Five
Ginuwine - Ginuwine...The Bachelor
Tiny Tim with Brave Combo - Girl
Various Artists - Girls Town
Sugar Push - Glib
Velocity Girl - Glided Stars And Zeaious Hearts
Huntington Cads - Go Exotic
The Dinks - Go Home E.P.
Kelly Deal - Go to the Sugar Altar
Zumpano - Goin Through Changes
Sundoz - Goin' To Town
Sloan - Good in everyone
King Biscuit Boy - Goodun's
Gouds Thumb - Gouds Thumb
Punchbuggy - Grand Opening Going Out of Business Sale
Jesse Cook - Gravity
Gravity Kills - Gravity Kills
Echobelly - Great Things
The Great White Hype - the Great White Hype
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Greatest Hits
Skankin' Pickle - Green Album
The Customers - Green Bottle Thursday
The Skalites - Greetings From Skamania
Various Artists - Greê-Tah = Scream
Various Artists - Grooving At Studio One
Vinaigrettes - Gross Negligee
Another Girl - Growing Gold
Jeffrey McFadden - Guitar Recital
Truckerbutt - Gumby's Last Stnad
Teri Yakimoto - Guttermouth
New Grand, The - Ham Fisted
Spacehog - Hamsters-Live at CBGB's
SlowBurn - Handsome Boy
Rose Chronicles - Happily Ever After
Trash Can Sinatras - A Happy Pocket
Various Artists - Hardcore Holiday
Various Artists - Hardcore Holiday
Madhat - Hardhitters
Sebadoh - Harmacy
Jar. - Harsh and Discord
The Crash Baptists - The Harvest: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Daredevils - Hate You
Hung Up Scarcerows - Having A Marvy Time
Technohead - Headsex
Sacred Reich - Heal
Victor Crowl - The Healing
Resin Scraper - Heard Mentality
Whipping Boy - Heartworm
Jah Wobble - Heaven and Earth
HeavyMellow - HeavyMellow
Mobb Deep - Hell on Earth
Aaron Wrixon - Hello My Name is Aaron Wrixen
Big Sugar - Hemi-Vision
Various Artists - Here Comes the Summer - the Undertones Tribute Album
Various Artists - Here's to feeling Good all the time
Vince Jones - Here's to the Miracles
Fastbacks - Here... They Are Live at the Crocodile Cafe
Nickelback - Hesher
Ashley Macisaac - Hi How Are You Today
Mollys Reach - Hi-fi and Stereo
Lynch - Hictown
The band of Ladner - High On the Hog
Rosewater Foundation - Hip With the Biggies
Various Artists - Hippy House & Happy Hop 2
Various Artists - Holding Up Half the Sky - Women in Reggae: Roots Daughters
Uz Jsme Doma - Hollywood
Holy Barbarians Cream - Holy Barbarians Cream
Hardfloor - Home Run
Catherine - Hot Saki & Bedtime Stories
Girls Against Boys - House Of Gvsb
Tony Toni Toné - House of Music
Mutt - How To Keep Cool For Less Money
Play guitar - Howdy
Integrity - Humanity Is The Devil
Time Shard - Hunab Ku
Hunk - Hunk
Guv'Ner - Hunt (Vinyl)
Queazy - Hurk
Various Artists - Hype! Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Vanessa-Mae - I 'm A Doun For O'Johnnie (A Little Scottish Fantasy)
Farley Mohawk - I Am Happy Here
John Palmer - I Am What I Am
M one - I Can Feel It
Boss Hog - "I Dig You"
Cledus T. Judd - I Stoled This Record
Trigger Happy - I'll Shut Up When You Fuck Off
Mack Mackenzie - I'm Not Your Indian Boy
Dog Eat Dogma - I, Dog Eater
The Tiki Tones - Idol Pleasures
D.B.S. - If the Music's Loud Enough
Acetone - If You Only Knew
Ignasius - Ignasius
Presidents of the United States of America - II
Foxy Brown - Ill Na Na
Echo - The Illuminati and Me
Jughead's Revenge - Image Is Everything
FleShapaiNt - Imitate yourself
Fleshpaint - Imitate Yourself
imperial drag - imperial drag
Fear Disorder - In a rage
Various Artists - In Defense of Animals Volume 2
Linda Perry - In Flight
Boyracer - In Full Colour
Charlie Biddle - In Good Company
Fu Manchu - In Search of
Orbital - In Sheilds
Marilyn's Vitamins - In These Shoes
Tippy Agogo - Incancos
Incognito - Incognito
Pigment Vehicle - Independent Women Are So Damned Good…
Various - Indie-genius
Scheer - Infliction
Rheas Obsession - Initiation
Erick Sermon - Insomnia: Erick Sermon Compilation
Loud Family, The - Interbabe Concern
Me and my cousin - International
Orange Glass - Interstellar Interstellar
Various Artists - Iron Daze
Ghostface Killah - Ironman
Various Artists - It Came From Thunder Bay
Holly Cole - It Happened One Night
NS - It was written
Nas - It Was Written
Inbreds, The - It's Sydney Or the Bush
MX-80 - Ive Seen Enough
Spiderbait - Ivy & the Big Apples
Riverdale High - Ja-lis-co (cassette)
Jabber - Jabber
Various Artists - Jabberjaw: Pure Sweet Hell
Jackson Delta - Jackson Delta Live with Gene Taylor
Various Artists - Jazz the World Forgot - Jazz Classics of the 1920's
Jeanne d'Arc - Jeanne d'Arc
Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts - Jelly Roll
Molotov Cocktail - Jerks in Progress
Plains of Fascination - Join the Ranks
Pipedream - The Journey From Hamburg to Iceland Begins
Various Artists - Juno Awards 25 Anniversary: Public Service Announcements
Keb' Mo' - Just Like You
Tammy Fassaert - Just Passin' Through
Various Artists - Just Say Noel
Various Artists - Just Say Noël
Nigel Kennedy - Kafka
Andean Universe - Kanatan Aski "Clean Land"
Cool Blue Halo - Kangaroo
Nada Surf - Karmic
Black Lodge Singers - Kid's Pow-Wow Songs
Various Artists - Soundtracks - Kids In The Hall- Brain Candy
Cold Water Flat - King of the Underground
Roch Voisine - Kissing Rain
Vince Halfhide & The Bird - Kitchen Music
Shallow N.D - kittens
Whoops - Kitty
Knucklehead - Knucklehead
Kula Shaker - KULA Shaker
Ladder Day Saints - Ladder Day Saints
Lamb - Lamb
Haggis - Last Drag
Cowboy Junkies - Lay It Down
Enigma - Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!
Nancy Despot - Left Of Memphis
Zappa - Left of the dial
TONIC Vintage Vocals - Lemon Parade
Lenni Jabour - Lenni Jabour
Propagandhi - Less Talk, More Rock
Anne Clark - Letter Of thanks To A Friend
Unique II - Level II
Quiverleg - Lick My Tractor
Cardigans - Life
Korn - Life Is Peachy
Maria Mckee - Life Is Sweet
Perfume Tree - A Lifetime Away
Ronny Jordan - Light to Dark
Catherine Wheel - Like Cats & Dogs (Audio Cassette)
Likwid - Likwid
Limblifter - Limblifter
Throwing Muses - Limbo (Audio Cassette)
Ruth Ruth - The Little Death
Beatrice Nine - little stars hung upside down
Banco de Gaia - Live At Glastonbury
Various Artists - Live From the`Great Western Ballroom vol 1
Throwing Muses - Live toTape
Satan & Adam - Living on the River
Leonard Shaw - Living Room
Patty Griffin - Living With Ghosts
Rykodisc hannibal gramavision - Loaded spring
Raincoats - Looking in the Shadows
Frank Zappa - The Lost Episodes
Shyheim - The Lost Generation
Lotus Galaxy - Lotus Galaxy
The Loudmooths - The Loudmooths
Loudmouth - Loudmouth
Corndogs - Love Is All
Skulch - Love Lives Here
minipops, the - Love with Fabio
Lost & Profound - Love's Sweet Messenger
Set For Stun - Low Grade Marvels
September 67 - Lucky Shoe
Lunar Landing Confirmed - Lunar Landing Confirmed
Galatic Cowboys - Machine Fish
Mandingo - Macho Grande
Various Artists - Macro Dub Infection, Vol. 2
Various Artists - Make 'Em Mokum Crazy
Triplicats - Makin' Tracks
Braincell - Man of Many Theories
Money Mark - Mark's Keyboard Repair (Audio Cassette)
Marry Me Jane - Marry Me Jane
Los Straitjackets - A Marshmallow World/Sleigh Ride/Outta Gear
Los Straitjackets - A marshmellow world
Martin Zellar - Martin Zellar & Hardways
Dream warriors - The Master Plan
Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite - Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite
Mda Analog - Mda Analog
The Emptys - Meantlockerfannoise
Buzzkill - Meat is Dinner
Mecca Normal - Mecca Normal
Disciples of Power - Mechanikill
Racer Ten - Melodies & Memories
Crimskunk - meltdown
Sinisters, The - Memories Of A Happy Hell
Buttsteak - Men Who Pause
Michelle Shocked - Mercury Poise: 1988-1995
Merlin - Merlin's Arcade
Ian Mcnabb - Mersybeast
Reson - Messing With The Muses
Heatmiser - Mic City Sons
Mind body - Mind body
Bim Sherman - Miracle
Puff Johnson - Miracle
Damnation A.D. - Misericordia
the James Taylor Quartet - Mission Impossible
The Neville Brothers - Mitakuye Oyasin Oyasin/All My Relations
Urban Watch 4 - Mixin' it up for 96
Mo Thugs Family - Mo Thugs Family Scriptures
Mo Thugs Family - Mo Thugs Family Scriptures
Various Artists - Mo' House Yo' Mama
Monkeyshine - Monkeyshine
Thug - Monochrome
Saturns Flea Collar - Monosyllabic
Jad Fair and Phono-Comb - Monsters, Lullabies and the Ocasional Flying Saucer
Sugarplastic - Montebello / Polly brown (cassette)
Spiderbait - Monty
Moon Socket - Moon Socket
Montell Jordan - More To Tell
Various Artists - Mortal Kombat : More Kombat
Ocean Colour Scene - Moseley Shoals
Tiger Moth - Mothballs
King Kool Flipped - The Motion Picture Soundtrack
Jimmi Abiad - Move The Heavens
Hayden - Moving Careful
Ben Sidran - Mr. P's Shuffle
Redman - Muddy Waters
Mercury men - Multi Media Ocrity
Wood Children - Muse
Howie B. - Music For Babies
Various Artists - Music From The Televison Series: Straight Up
Rheostatics - Music Inspired by the Group of 7
Valentino orchestra - My foolish heart
Grover - My Wild Life
Bounty Killer - My Xperience
Nancyboy - Nancyboy
Westwood International Showcase - Nashville Showcase Volume One
Jeff Lang - Native Dog Creek
Iggy Pop - Naughty Little Doggie
Wide Mouth Mason - The Nazarene
Various Artists - NBA at 50: A Musical Celebration
Tricky - Nearly God
Tricky - Nearly God
Noisefloor - Negative superman/a decade of anger
Kevin Kanz - Neighbourhood Watch
Various Artists - Nekrology
Nerf Herder - Nerf Herder
Odds - Nest
Bobby Conn - Never Get Ahead/Me, Most of All
The New Grand - New Grand
Social Unrest - New Lows
Fastbacks - New Mansions in Sound
New Sweet Breath - New Sweet Breath
Bob Mould - Next time That You Leave + 4
Skoota - Nga Style
Nicholas Tremulis Band - Nicholas Tremulis Band
Alphonse Mouzon - The Night is Still Young
Jackyl - Night of the living dead
Nursrat Fateh Ali And Michael Brook - Night Song
Benghazi Saxophone Quartet - Night Time Uptown
Suzanne Vega - Nine Objects of Desire (Audio Cassette)
Natalie MacMaster - No Boundaries
702 - No Doubt
moe. - No Doy
D Generation - No Lunch
Headcramp - No More Smiles
Manteca - No Net
Wasis Diop - No Sant
Heads Up - No talking just head
Joe Christmas - North to the Future
Cheer-Accident - Not A Food
Hog - Nothing Scared
Crescent - Now
Section 3 - Now
King Biscuit Boy & Crowbar - Official Music
Various Artists - Oh Canaduh
Oliver Schroer and the Stewed Tomatoes - Oliver Schroer and the Stewed Tomatoes
Ralph Boyd Johnson - Olmypia 66
Sam Phillips - Omnipop
Various Artists - On Guard For Thee -A Collection Of Canada's Youth Gone Bad
Johnny O'Neal - On The Montreal Scene
Bootlegging Apples Mary Elizabeth Grace - On The Road To Redemption
The Bloodhound Gang - One Fierce Beer Coaster
Yella - One Mo Nigga Ta Go
Various - One more song: an album for club passim
Maynard Ferguson & Big Bop Nouveau - One More Trip to Birdland
Fear of Drinking - One morning when I went to work
Brian Green - One Stop Carnival
Spirit of the West - Open Heart Symphony
Rayburns - Operate
Various Artists - Original Soundtrack From Dusk Till Dawn
The Cable Guy - Orinal Motion Picture
Various Artists - Ottawa City Speedway
Thee Suddens, Radioblaster, Speedbuggy & The New Grand - Our Stupid Noise
MX-80 - Out of Control
Flounger - Outside interference
Varga - Oxygen
Unwritten Law - Oz Factor
hHead - Ozzy
Uneven Steps - Pacified
Gary Heffern - Painful Days
Crybaby - Paintings
Panda - Panda
K's Choice - Paradise in Me
Six Finger Satellite - Paranormalized
Elevator to Hell - Parts 1-3
Palmer - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Passing Open Windows: a Symphonic Tribute to Queen
Ignite - Past Our Means (Audio Cassette)
The Pasties - The Pasties
Underworld - Pearl's Girl (Short)
13 Engines - Perfect Largeness
Charm farm - pervert
Devilhead - Pest Control
Phasers on Stun, The - Phasers on Stun, The
Philip Sayce Group - Philip Sayce Group
Domino - Physical Funk
Dave Young - Piano-Bass Duets Volume Three
Sam Gribbles - Piderbait
Oscar Brand - Pie in the Sky
Various Artists - Pine Ridge An Open Letter to Allan Rock/Songs for Leonard Peltier
Arlene Bishop - Pinky
Subhumans - Pissed Off...With Good Reason
Primrods, The/Tristan Psionic - Plans for Palmyra/20,000 Coyotes Can't be Wrong
Anvil - plugged in permanent
Poi Dog Pondering - Plummmagram seeds-radio edits
Pluto - Pluto
Pluto - Pluto
Puerto Rican Power Orchestra - Poderoso Pero Diferente
Various Artists - Poetreason: Songs Of Bob Snide
Various Artists - Point North Music Compilation July 1996
Papa Brittle - Polemic Beat Poetry
Gus Gus - Polyesterday/Cold Breath Crystalized '79/Polyesterday fate
The Elevator Drops - Pop Bus
Mrs. Torrance - Porn
Grassy Knoll - Positive
Various Artists - Power of Peace: In Support of CARE
Kine Lam - Praise
Tricky - Pre-Millennium Tension
Whitney Houston - The Preacher's Wife
Alas Sanpler - Preminum: New Music with a Gloden Glow
Various Artists - Premium New Music With a Golden Glow
The Bloody Chicletts - Presenting... Bloody Chicletts
Prezident Brown - Prezident Brown
Mda Analog - Pride
Luxury Christ - Problematic For The People
Kill Creek - Proving Winter Cruel
Chantal Kreviazuk - Psycho Boot 101
Pup - Pup (promo edit)
Puritans, The - Puritans, The
the Shadow Puppets - Push Me Kill You
Torque - Quasi-Stellar Radio Source
Dogstar - Quattro Formaggi
Vandals - Quickening
Tim Lawson - Quiet Canadian
Iceburn Collective - Radio edits from the rev:49 LP Meditavolutions
Gravity,s Pull - Radio staion Wagon
Ragenz - Ragenz
Sully - Random Sound
Sarah McLachlan - Rarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff
Bush - Razorblade Suitcase
Michael Mancus - Reachin
Edgar Winter - Real Deal
Northern Storm - Real Life
Swans - Real Love
Cella Dwellas - Realms'N Reality
Doyle Bramhall - The reason I live
The Urge - Receiving the Gift of Flavor
Genocide - Recipe for a Riot
Five by Nine - Recognize
Crowded House - Recurring Dream Very Best Of
Wheat chiefs - Redeemer
Various Artists - Redhot + Rio
The heads - relaxing with...
Remy Zero - Remy Zero
Geto Boys - The Resurrection
DJ Food - Retired Food
Jeremy Enigk - Return of the Frog Queen
Frank Zappa - Return of The Son of Kill Ugly Radio
Tim Brady - Revolutionary Songs
David Gibson - Rhythm Method
D.D Jackson - Rhythum Dance
Richard Thompson - Richard Thompson
Arcadia - Rick Fines
Goldfish - The Ride
Doop - Ridin
Richard Ring - Ring In Minor
Ripped Emotions - Ripped Emotions
Mahones, The - Rise Again
Various Artists - Soundtracks - The Robber Who Robbed The Town
Various Artists - Rock Almanac Volume 3, The 1960's
Barenaked Ladies - Rock Spectacle (Enhan CD)
Primitive radio gods - Rocket
Clove - Rollercoaster
Buick Six - Rollercoaster
Sepultura - Roots
Prong - Rude Awakening
Various Artists - Safe and Sound: A Benefit in Response to the Brookline Clinic Violence
Dick Gaoghan - Sail On
pla?.ce.bo4 - Sailor Boy
Ruby - Salt Peter
Djole - Saltwater
Spacewalk - A Salute Ace Frehley
Herb Alpert - Sampler
Hannah-maria teresa - Sanseiru
Tarun Bhattacharya - Sargam
Wedding Present, The - Saturnalia
Tears for Fears - Saturnine Martial And Lunatic
Skinny Puppy - Scare me, belafaine
New Bomb Turks - Scared Straight
Dirt Merchants - Scarified
Dirt Merchants - Scarified
Combustible edison - Schizophunic
Fun Lovin Criminals - Scooby Snacks
Space Ace - Sea of Japan
Imperial Teen - Seasick (Audio Cassette)
Ghostwriters - Second Skin
Underworld - Second Toughest In The Infants
Various Artists - Secret Museum of Mankind, Vol.3 Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48
Versus (Rock) - Secret Swingers
Ocean Blue, The - See
Bluebeard - Selling Point
Lloyd Cole - Sentimental fool-CD2 [Single-CD]
Lucky Dube - Serious Reggae Business
Chemical Brothers, The - Setting Sun
Ben Tobiasson - Sevilla Classical Guitar
Damhnait Doyle - Shadows Wake Me
Chixdiggit! - Shadowy Bangers Frm A Shadowy Duplex
2 Live Crew - Shake a Lil' Somethin'
Melanie Doane - Shakespearean Fish
Frente! - Shape
Timber Kings - She Changed Her Name To Mashuma
The Bloody Chicletts - She's a Freak!
The Bloody Chicletts - She's A Freak/Kaos
Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow
The Melly Presents - Shiver Logic
Jesus Lizard, The - Shot
The Jesus Lizard - Shot
Redd Kross - Show World
One - Siboney Dub Style
Download - Sidewinder
Clarissa - Siliver
Crimson Finch - Silver Bees
Lyle E Style - Singled Out
Elycium - Sink
Elycium - Sink
Pig - Sinsation
Kate Jacobs - A sister
Strange boys - sister boy
Prescott Curlywolf - Six Ways to Sunday
Whiteley Brothers, The - Sixteen Shades of Blue
Various Artists - SKAndalous: I've Gotcha Covered
Kate Brislin & Katy Moffatt - Sleepless Nights
Tanya Donelly - Sliding and Diving
BucketMouth - Slow
Smak-Live-And-Naked - Smak-Live-And-Naked
Tia McGraff - Small Town Life (CD single)
Duotang - Smash the Ships and Raise the Beams
Sloan - Smeared
Tirekickers - Smedication
Faceplant - Smells Like Gasoline, Drives Like Steve McQueen
Various Artists - Smithsonian Folkways American Roots Collection
Tribe 8 - Snarkism
Engine 88 - Snowman
Various Artists - So So Def Bass All-Stars
Jale - So Wound
Soca Carvinival96 - Soca Carvinival96
Red House Painters - Songs For A Blue Guitar
Godrays - Songs for TV Stars
Secret Garden - Songs from a Secret Garden
Helen Schneider - Songs of Kurt Weill
Undercover - The Songs of Lou Reed
Various Artists - The Songs of West Side Story
Phil Cody - the Sons Of Intemperance Offering
Bob Marley - Soul Almighty the formative years Vol.1
Dream Warriors - Sound clash (6 versions, feat. Beenie Man) / Vinyl Maxi Single [Vinyl 12'']
Spleen - Soundtrack to Spleen
Banlieue Rouge - Sous Un Ciel Écarlate
Primus - Southbound pachyderm
Sons Of Otis - Spacejumbofudge
Legion of Green Men - Spatial Specific
Various Artists - Special Brew
Speech - Speech
Various Artists - Speed Limit 140 Bpm Plus Eight
Veda Hille - Spine
Talitha Mackenzie - Spiorad [Spirit]
Various - Spirit of the Edge 2
Peter Himmelman - Stage Diving
Jazz Cafe - Standards
Harry Connick Jr. - Star Turtle (Audio Cassette)
Joykiller - Static
Anomaly - Stone or Rock
Mother Earth - Stoned Woman
Zoinks! - Stranger Anxiety
Regicide - Strawman
Juniper Daily - Stride
Lemons - Sturdy
Meat Beat Manifesto - Subliminal Sandwich
Hanson Brothers - Sudden Death
Suicide kings - Suicide kings and make it strong
The Suicide Machines - The Suicide Machines
George Clinton, P-Funk Allstars - Summer Swim / If Anybody Gets Funked Up
Wilderness - Summer Will Come To You
Crescent - Sun 10 (Vinyl)
Thornetta Davis - Sunday Morning Music
Battershell - Sunshine in Popopia
Super 8 - Super 8
Swish - SuperMax
White Zombie - Supersexy Swingin Sounds
White Zombie - Supersexy Swingin Sounds
Carol Jiani - Superstar
Bizarre Inc. - Surprise
Chesnutt - Sweet Relief 2
Sweetback - Sweetback
Ray and the Rockets Condo - Swing Brother Swing
Legion of Green Men - Synaptic response
Motion Sickness - Syrup shack
Flesh N Bone - T.H.U.G.S.: Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls
Table For Two - Table For Two
Knock Down Ginger - Take Out
World Saxophone Quartet - Takin' It 2 The Next Level
George Clinton & P-Funk All Stars - Tapoafom
Mickey Hart - A Taste of Mystery- Mickey Hart's Mystery Box radio sampler
Various Artists - Team Mint
The Dinks - Teen-Age Power Keg E.P.
Jane Siberry - Teenager
Various Artists - Television's Greatest Hits Volume 4
Various Artists - Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5
Various Artists - Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6
Various Artists - Television's Greatest Hits Volume 7
Slow Loris - The Ten Commandmants and Two Territories According to Slow Loris
Rasputina - Thanks for the Ether
Original motion picture soundtrack - That thing you do
Home Grown - That's Business
Deadman - The`Dimmer EP
Richard Davies - There's Never Been A Crowd Like This
She's So Huge - There's That
Les Secretetaires Volantes - Thermoplastique
Thin Lizard Dawn - Thin Lizard Dawn
Knockout Pill - Think It's Time
David Wilcox - Thirteen Songs
Marion - This World & Body
Laced - Three Fish
Marion Williams - Through Many Dangers
Fiona Apple - Tidal
Various Artists - Time Machine
Dead Reckoning - Time's Time
Halloween - the times of the oath
Far - tin cans with strings
Tear Garden - To Be An Angel Blind The Cripp
Gene - To See The Lights
Specials - Today's Specials
Fxp - toilet kids bread
Tommy Makem - Tommy Makem's Christmas
Ampersand - Tony Is A Redneck
Lush - Topolino
Rory Block - Tornado
Acid-Jazz - Totally re-wired 7
Various Artists - Totally Re-Wired 8
Various Artists - Totally Re-Wired, Vol. 7
Kenny Wheeler And Paul Bley - Touché
Peter Tosh - The Toughest
Tristian Pisonic - TPA Flight 028
Joe Henry - Trampoline
Transister Sound & Lighting Co. - Transister Sound & Lighting Co.
Various Artists - Transmissios Vol. 1 DJ Mix: John Acquaviva
Jamiroquai - Travelling Without Moving
Hayden - Trees Lounge
David Essig - Tremble And Weep
Autechre - Tri Repetae++
Various Artists - A Tribute To Hard Core Logo
Morcheeba - Trigger Hippie
Trip 66 - Trip 66
Throneberry - Trot Out The Encores
Doughboys - Turn Me On
Deus - Turnpike (5 track sampler)
Dave Young - Two by Two/Volume Two
DJ Vadim - U.S.S.R. Repertoire
Morella's Forest - Ultraphonic Hiss
Under the Covers - Under the Covers
Spiderbait - Unfinished Spanish Galleon of Finley Lake
The Unforgiving Sounds of Maow - The Unforgiving Sounds of Maow
Unloved - Unglued
Unidentified Musical Object - Unidentified Musical Object
12 Eyes - Unit
Evaporators, The - United Empire Loyalists
Chirs Tarry Group - Unition
Lydia Lunch - Universal Infiltrators
Furnaceface - Unsafe At Anyspeed
Nonchalant - Until the Day (Vinyl)
Sally Can't Dance - Untitled
Buzzkill - Up
Porn Kings - Up to No Good
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Up Where We Belong
The Groove Club - Upside Down!
Urban watch 5 - Urban watch 5
Random Killing - Urine the 90s Now
Velacette - Velacette
Velocity Girl - Velocity Girl
Rory Friesen's Brown Part - Ventricular Cushions
Various Artists - Victory promo 02 - Fall 1996
Bill Bourne And Shannon Johnson - Victory Train
The Verve Pipe - Villiains
Septimus - Virago submission
Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity
Before the Blues - Vol.1
turtle compilation - volume one
Dragonfly - Volume water
John Cale - Walking On Locusts
Rex - Waltz
Lush - Wanna be Your Girlfriend/Ladykillers
Syd Straw - War and Peace
Tommy John and Idle Rains - Wasted Nights
Kingpins - Watch Your Back
Wax Estatic - Wax Estatic
Iris Dement - The Way I Should
Cate Frisen - Wayward
Groove Collective - We The People
Destroyer - We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge
Weed Feen - Weed Feen
Bollweevils - Weevilive
Connells - Weird Food & Devastation
Kimmie Rhodes - West Texas Heaven
Smoother - what a life
Various Artists - When I Was a Cowboy Vol. 1
Various Artists - When I Was a Cowboy Vol. 2
Pilot - When The Day Has Broken
Social Distortion - White Light White Heat White Trash
Morcheeba - Who Can You Trust?
Dalbello - Whore
Sook-Yin Lee - Wigs 'N' Guns
Sadat X - Wild Cowboys
Billy Bragg - William Bloke
Don Ross - Wintertide
Various Artists - Wipeout XL
Corrosion of Conformity - Wiseblood
Pansy Division - Wish I'd Taken Pictures
Mia Sheard - With Love & Squalor
Various Artists - The Women of Kerrville
Various Artists - Women's Work
Kudsi Erguner Ensemble - Works of Kemani Tatyos Efendi
Groovie Ghoulies - World Contact Day (Vinyl)
Various - World Jazz
Crash Test Dummies - A Worm's Life
Jeru the Damaja - Wrath of the Math
Green Sturgeon - Wrong Dream Come True
John Fogerty - Wrote A Song For Everyone
Triple X - X Files Theme
Booming Airplanes - Yarn
TreeCrusher - Yes I Don't
Treefort - You
Local Rabbits, The - You Can't Touch This
Luther Vandross - Your Secret Love
Various Artists - Yuk Yuk's Comedy sampler
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Zero Gravity
Caspar/Hamilton;Page Brotzmann - Zulutime
Zumpano - Zumpano
Def Jam - Nutty Professor
Various Artists - Dead Man Walking: Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture- various artist
Various Artists - Ulysses' Gaze
David Behrman - On the Other Ocean
Foxfire - Foxfire
Various Artists - Mystic: Musical Visions of Olivier Messiaen
David Helfgott - David Helfgott Plays Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 3; Four Preludes; Sonata No. 2