Northcote – Gather No Dust

Northcote – Under the Streetlights by Carolynne

The debut full length from Victoria-by-way-of-Regina’s Northcote – a royal pedigree if ever there was one – is an honest, guts-for-glory release from a guy who’s sure to go far. Gather No Dust has got a good mix of roots rockers and introspective pieces. Northcote’s style reminds me of Chuck Ragan deep into a Tom Cochrane trip, and this is a good thing. Lyrically, the album deals with the staples of the emerging punk turned roots rocker genre: finding oneself, the triumphs and failures of living for the next show, hard traveling, and maybe a broken heart here and there. Northcote takes these themes on with dexterity. I keep finding new gems with each spin of the disc. Highlights for me include “Under the Streetlights” – complete with sensual sax solo – “The Beat,” and the prairie anthem “Take the Ride.” “Not a Home” is also a great little number, if you’re into melancholy; perfect for a dark winter morning. If you’re into bearded troubadours who wear their hearts on their sleeves, check this guy out. He’s the real deal. (Black Box Recordings, Sheldon Birnie

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