Free Dimensional – Diamond Rings

My first listen to this album jerked me back to my first grade seven dance where I wanted so badly to stop standing there awkwardly. And at some point, I did. What does it matter if you might look silly, I learned; fearless wild dancing is always an amazing time! In the context of Diamond Rings’ second album, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard music that’s so unapologetically sweet and sincere. I’m not preaching purity, but it sure is a change to hear what distilled optimism sounds like. If you’re familiar with John O’Regan’s style, you should know that Free Dimensional is not simply an extension of the DIY, sparkly-grungy pop of 2010’s Special Affections. It’s immediately apparent that this time, O’Regan is utterly invested in the entire Diamond Rings package – futuristic, fierce, put-together, catchy, electronic-based pop that finds its place not just in bedroom studios or tiny pubs, but in decked-out recording studios, and a certain popular trendy clothing store. I think “Runaway Love” is my favourite on this CD – ever since its release in October, I’ve listened to it probably a hundred times and it never fails to pick up me and drop me (like I used to do to my Sims, but into the lake) into a shamelessly good mood. And how can it not, when O’Regan’s baritone references videogames, rainbows, adventure, and bottomless amounts of love: “ You and I can make it extra special / You and I can make it super cool / You and I can beat the extra level / You and I can make or break the rules.”  SEE?! This CD is like a freaking cake!  And, if Free Dimensional were three-dimensional (ha ha), I bet it’d be good for you too. (Secret City Records, Adrienne Yeung

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