Bridging the Styx :: Music collective Styx City Cult talk Greek mythology, supporting local artists and creating a platform for the weird kids

styxcitycult. From left to right: 10kay, DIEmond, Phre$h Prince, lilnappyboi, STMBLZ, Ivan Silk, Yung Romello, drinkbleachh, Jesse Meush, SpaghKing, Thatcher Robinson and Yung Emerald. Not pictured: Postwar, Shea and TRRM.

Photos by Graeme  Houssin and J. De Castro

Words by Graeme Houssin

When rapper SpaghKing entered the Winnipeg scene, he found a city divided. Harsh lines separated genres, and “old hip hop heads” dominated the rap scene as arbiters of taste, only booking artists that conformed to their ideas of what rap could and must be. Continue reading “Bridging the Styx :: Music collective Styx City Cult talk Greek mythology, supporting local artists and creating a platform for the weird kids”

Interview :: Rae Spoon

by Jen Doerksen

Rae Spoon’s new LP bodiesofwater comes out on the twentieth anniversary of the first show Spoon ever played, and ten years after the release of their break-out album superioryouareinferior. As a non-binary person, Rae is no stranger to having an identity that doesn’t fit societal and legal structures. Like bodies, water is regulated and increasingly commodified, despite being fundamental to life. On this, Spoon’s ninth album, they explore their common ground and connections with the ocean surrounding their Vancouver Island home. Continue reading “Interview :: Rae Spoon”


Mike Milosh is the driving force behind Rhye, the Canadian R&B project set to wrap up the Big Blue stage on the Friday night of this year’s Winnipeg Folk Festival. Milosh spoke with Stylus about his workhorse tour schedule and what he’s been up to in the five years between Rhye’s 2013 debut album, Woman, and 2018’s follow-up record, Blood. Read the full interview to geek out on hotel safety and microphone set up advice, and find out how you can help hype their Folk Fest Friday night set. Continue reading “RHYE :: WINNIPEG FOLK FESTIVAL”

Yukon Blonde Finds Success with Latest Release

by Matt Austman

With nearly a decade of history under their belt, Yukon Blonde is on course to establishing itself as one of Canada’s most acclaimed and cherished indie rock bands. Their latest release, Tiger Talk, is a departure from their previous, more laid-back 70s inspired rock n roll, and is propelling the band past the club scene and into theatres. Recently, Stylus had the opportunity to speak with the band’s chief songwriter and lead vocalist, Jeff Innes, about the band’s success, the meaning of Tiger Talk, and the personal impact of touring full-time. Continue reading “Yukon Blonde Finds Success with Latest Release”

Diamond Rings :: I’m Just Me

By Adrienne Yeung

Everything about Diamond Rings (aka Toronto native John O’Regan) dazzles these days, especially when every facet of the platinum-mohawked, bejewelled musician throws back an image of the musical and visual changes that have taken place over the past two years. His second album, Free Dimensional (released Oct. 23) is obviously grown up out of Special Affections‘ (2010) sparkly DIY-esque pop: It’s polished, deliberate, and endlessly catchy.  While a phone interview sadly failed (the recorded interview is literally five minutes of mumbling, crackling, and my repeating “Hello? Hello?” into the Stylus phone), we managed to finally connect via trusty e-mail to find out what he’s got to say about his changing presence and sound. Continue reading “Diamond Rings :: I’m Just Me”

Rural Alberta Advantage look to exploit opening for Dan Mangan

by Michael Elves

When Nils Edenloff and the rest of Rural Alberta Advantage take to the stage of the Burton Cummings Theatre on Thursday November 1, 2012 don’t expect a set list composed of the heavy-hitters from their first two records, Hometowns and Departing. Instead – as Edenloff revealed in an interview with Stylus – the members of RAA will take advantage of a prime spot opening for indie-darling Dan Mangan to try out some new material on an unsuspecting audience in advance of recording their third album. Continue reading “Rural Alberta Advantage look to exploit opening for Dan Mangan”