Xavier Rudd – Spirit Bird

The message present on Xavier Rudd’s new album is both powerful and heartfelt. Look no further than the title track and the blues heavy “Bow Down” to get a clear idea of what is being preached. The talent that this man possesses is incredible; he seamlessly switches instruments from track to track and plays each with an uncanny musicianship. The highs are amazing and beautiful but the lows fall very short of anything impressive. Album opener “Lioness Eye” opens with some fine sounding didgeridoo but never really breaks into anything special; instead it just builds and remains stagnant without ever really climaxing. The same goes for “Culture Breeding.” “Prosper” and “Butterfly” seem rather pointless but then “Full Circle” hits your ears and builds slowly into magnificence. “Mystery Angel” is just swell but the inconsistency gives the album a roller coaster vibe. The music is passionate and the message is strong and a good one. I cannot rightfully say too many negative things about this album, even though it is not my favorite. If music like this was made more often I reckon the world would be a far different place… with way more drum circles. (Sideonedummy records, sideonedummy.com) Scott Wolfe

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