Franz Ferdinand – Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action


…but is it the wrong moment? Franz Ferdinand deliver what is, if not to the high bar of their sophomore release, at least as technically similar a template as a band could follow. After some well-advised experimentation on the albums following their self-titled release, the band return on this album to the sounds that made them popular – jangly, poppy post-punk. It’s hard not to listen to songs like the single “Right Action” and not hear shades of their megahit “Take Me Out.”


I’m all for an artist retreading ground if the music is as exciting and vital as it once was. On RT, RW, RA, the band seem to do everything technically similar to the sound that made them famous, but it feels like Franz Ferdinand trying to be Franz Ferdinand. Which is unfortunate, had this album been released as their first, and their most memorable released now, I feel like I might be having the same conversation, but about different songs. So while they might have the right thoughts, words and action, maybe it’s just the wrong time for these songs to be properly appreciated. (Domino Records, Devin King

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