Naysa – Songs We Recorded In Our Basement

Naysa Art

A funny thing happened while Dave Todd was recording his own songs: he amassed a band whose name means “Miracle of God.” The band’s DIY debut, Songs We Recorded In Our Basement, is a noisy throwback to college radio circa the Pixies/Replacements era. While sharing similar musical elements and a complementary sound, Naysa doesn’t sound like either band. More like a mix of 90s grunge attitude, 80s college rock and 60s garage rawness.  Self-described as gloomy pop rock with gloom as the major influence, Naysa’s sound is not so much gloomy as it is melancholic and resigned. There are very few instances that warrant profanity, but the leadoff track “Sink/Swim” is one. The last line, “She had to fucking sink” drives the song’s message home in a way a milder phrase could not. “Maybe I Do,” a tasty garage pop ditty awash in layers of noise has the same charm as The Pixies’ “Here Comes Your Man” or “La La Love You.” With only four songs lasting twelve minutes, the EP leaves you wanting more. (Independent, Broose Tulloch

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