The Hours – “Steady Glazed Eyes”


The Hours are working to make 2014 the year you fall for them, and their debut single is a take on propulsive dreamy psych-pop just hard enough to shake your whole body without knocking you stupid. “Steady Glazed Eyes” is carried by an aching, climbing melody that keeps revealing more mountain with each successive plateau. Then it suddenly ends, and only as it fades away does it become clear how much tension had built up. An updated version of last year’s “Horse Field Mansion Parties” is further evidence of The Hours’ affection for swirling shoegazey guitar tones, but also includes a shimmering keyboard line that keeps ringing in the ears well after the song ends. Keep an eye out on local show listings, The Hours will likely have a busy year – your next chance is this Saturday February 22 at the Park Theatre. (Independent, Emberg

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