Dark smokey clouds twist and contort as “Triangle” introduces BADBADNOTGOOD’s lastest release III. The clouds open to reveal a fresh take on the soundscape of your father’s swanky cigar-smelling jazz. Winding piano guides you through the opening tune, as eerie sinister tones are braided throughout with deep, tangible, soft ones. Its full of lush curves and an entrancing snare-synth rhythm. This music is moody – dark but not bleak, hazy and not foggy: III is affecting and striking. “Confessions” is a favourite on this release. Leland Whitty plays sax and does it just so damn good. Recorded at their home studio, the Toronto three-piece fit III snugly into their discography – full of hip hop beats, hypnotic and enticing jazz. Overall the whole sound of the album is gorgeous and instrumentally articulate. (Self-Released/Pirates Blend Records, Victoria King

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