Bison – One Thousand Needles


The Vancouver juggernauts of metal are back and they have released their stellar new EP through the good folks over at War on Music.Though the EP only consists of two songs, each clocks in at over nine minutes and is the first new material to surface since 2012’s pummeling Lovelessness. The songs are in true Bison form, each song being a living breathing dynamic beast, but the songs are a little toned down from Lovelessness. This is still Bison we are talking about though, so these songs could still melt your face, vaporize your eardrum and turn your cranium to dust, but clearly the extreme anger and darkness of Lovelessness has been turned down. As a result this EP is a far more accessible offering from the band. I honestly can not pick a favorite between the two tracks. “One Thousand Needles” has an awesome build and goes for the throat when the band unleashes and vocalist James Farwell begins belting, but the main riff in “Calm, Friendly and Euthymic” absolutely slays. Either way, this band is super underrated and a great local label put this EP out, stop by the bands bandcamp or War on Music to get yours. (War on Music, Scott Wolfe


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