Operators – EP1


Another year, another band for Dan Boeckner. EP1 fills a space demanded by the hype created by several live performances by the band. Seeing poorly-recorded footage of a Wolf Parade cover was exciting in theory, but in practice only raised more questions about what Operators was about. Operators exists on a continuum of Boeckner’s work. With Wolf Parade on one end and Handsome Furs on the other, EP1 leans closer towards the synthetic sounds of Handsome Furs’ Sound Kapital. Wheras Sound Kapital was a colder affair, EP1 has a more straightforward dance vibe that takes itself less seriously. Overall, the results are mixed. Opening track “True” is a standout that best captures a fun tone. Other tracks, such as “Ancient” are overly long and fail to hook in the same way as “True,” or much of Boeckner’s other work.  Currently a digital-only release, EP1 is a quick listen that doesn’t ask a lot of questions of the listener except perhaps “is there a need for an EP2?” (Last Gang Records, lastgangentertainment.com) Devin King

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