Live Show Review :: Silence Kit :: The Garrick

photo by Joey Senft @Jsenftphotography

by Chris Bryson

On Friday the 13th of December, Silence Kit took to the stage of the Garrick to open the night for Australia’s DZ Deathrays and Hockey Dad.

Silence Kit kicked things off with the heavy bounce of “Kitty Kitty.” Singer Mannon Smalley’s distinct, vacillating, at times Siouxsie Sioux-like vocals fit boldly into Silence Kit’s post-punk pummel. Smalley strolled, lunged, and moved about the stage to “Kitty Kitty”’s thrumming growl. This show found Silence Kit with local powerhouse player Paige Drobot on guitar, who gave the song’s churning rhythm its buzzing edge.

The band’s second song, “Reactor,” was driven by chiming melodies and wavering alt-punk momentum, with Smalley’s theatrical delivery always in motion. “Reactor” was followed by “In the Pool,” where coiling guitar wrapped around brooding bass and Smalley’s prowling howls, shouts, and bellows brought the song towards its anthemic chorus.

The funky punk riffs of “A Pod of Whales and Then Disaster Struck” had the band killing it with Drobot’s whirling notes and bass player James Stallan and drummer Mike Pascucci holding the low end down tight. During “Mosquito,” Smalley made ecstatic motions and wailed into the mic as she lied on the floor. The song was a short blast but did the trick to get people dancing. 

Silence Kit ended their show with the hardest hitting song of their set, “Rearview.” The band ran through “Rearview” with the noisy raucous grunge-punk energy that defined their show. Smalley throwing herself to the ground as the rest of the band ripped through the song with palpable force, and with its end, everybody in the crowd was ready for the rest of the night. 

Tight and catchy tunes, earworm hooks, and the band’s live energy emphasized by Smalley’s vocals and stage theatrics are what set Silence Kit apart. Silence Kit are a band that continues to push and refine its sound and live performance, and for those able to check them out, it’s always a good show.

photo by Joey Senft @Jsenftphotography
photo by Joey Senft @Jsenftphotography
photo by Joey Senft @Jsenftphotography

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