An Interview with Charlie Boom

by Keeley Braunstein-Black

Charlie Boom, a local musician from Winnipeg has just released his first two singles, available on online music platforms (Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music).  Boom describes his music as having “two kinda different vibes.  Late at night, thinking about your significant other -heartbreak type feels and Trap feelin’ good, about to head out.  If you’re stayin’ inside, turn it up and party with your brothers and sisters”.

Choosing Boom as his artist name was a no brainer for Boom, “growing up it was kinda my nickname – Charlie linked to Charles – linked to football and the boom”.  Boom is also a football player currently on scholarship.  When asked about the name Boom said, “It sounds real nice too”.

Recorded in Toronto with Ty Danelley from Risk Engineering.  The first song “Where the Fucks My Money” came out over a month ago, whereas the second “I Need You in the Nighttime” dropped October 19, 2020.  According to Boom, “the first song I didn’t wanna beat around the bush — I wanted to know where my money was.  That was a freestyle and I kinda liked it.  That hustle mentality. Keep that money coming”.  Whereas the second Boom expressed that he wanted to show a different side of himself, “It’s not always about being the big man. I really do care about other people. Using music as my outlet I was able to make a track out of it”. 

Boom describes his creative process, “I like to write at night. I will get into that space and sit down, listen to a couple beats, feel what sounds good.  I have already written or thought of catchy hooks…” Boom writes them down or records them on an app as they come during the day, “and at night I just start freestyling. I love creating, and with these hooks and instrumentals, I love the writing process. Makes me happy.”  As an artist Boom thinks of writing music as painting pictures, with those songs “I wanted to create a vision and paint you a picture. Now I am looking to keep doing that — keep painting pictures — an artist and a musician.”

Boom’s musical focus was recent and the isolation of COVID is what led him to become Charlie Boom the musician. “I am 20 years old and right now with COVID and everything going on I had a lot of time to be with myself and think about what I want and to be happy.  I started to record music more and more.  Started to put together things.  I realized that this is what I like to do.  My friends thought this was dope.  This is what I should be doing, this is what I need to be doing,” he said.

Boom has a couple of projects coming up, including a song with another Winnipeg artist Max Winds.  Boom has plans to release his first album Road to Riches soon and post COVID looks forward to getting onstage to “bring my energy to the stage — blow people’s minds — turning up on your guys.”

 Boom’s message for any aspiring artist out there is that you can do anything you put your mind to.  “I know it sounds cheesy, but put the grind behind it and you can do it”

“Shoutout to St. Norbert, that’s just how we do it in the south. Also want to give a shout out to all my family, and friends who helped get me here. I love y’all and keep showing luv!” 

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