Video Premiere :: Alice Ava :: The Hunted

Some music videos just make sense. Not necessarily in a logical or objective way, but they work in perfect synchronicity with the song on a level of harmony that cannot be summarized easily. This, of course, is the case with Alice Ava’s video for the song “The Hunted” from her latest album Can You Feel It. 

The song evidently showcases Alice’s talent and pedigree as an artist, having played in various bands since 2002. This latest record is described as one that deals with the contradictions faced in life, and “The Hunted”, accompanied by its video, could not have portrayed this element any better. 

The ominous pitched chants that introduce the song are mirrored in the video by superimposed shots of the singer among the clouds cloaked in dark clothing. As soon as the drums and infectious bass line kick in, the video cuts to oddly groovy shots of Alice walking across Brooklyn rooftops. Again, the synergy between the song and picture is satisfying but inexplicable. It just works

The song itself feels like a groovy, headstrong tune after the dark introduction. In fact, the almost sinister first leg of the track is entirely forgotten when it is replaced by the pumping rhythm of the verses. The lyrics bring a stark contrast to this seemingly joyful energy however, with lines like: “All that you had wanted is gone now, abandoned”. Even the title, “The Hunted”, suggests a dire tone. The strange but beautiful darkness of it all is perfectly replicated in the video.  In fact, certain shots of Alice cleverly point to this mixture of light and dark, between her joyful, bouncy walk and her ghastly black gown. Other shots in the video, like the little glimpses into every day life, like brushing her teeth or going for a drive, also point to this straddled line between happy and sad.

Depending on the day, or who you are with, or what you are listening to, these everyday occurrences can be incredibly pleasant and light, or can be extremely difficult. This angle adds to the ambiguity of the experience. Depending on your mood, this video can make the song feel so much more upbeat, or vastly more depressing.  The winter also defines the video, from the barren trees to the shots of shovelled snow. As Alice says herself, “Cold felt right for this song”. It’s up to you to decide if it makes you smile or makes you shiver. 

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