Album Review :: DISHPIT :: DIPSHIT

by Daniel Kussy

The long awaited debut by Montreal punk queens Dishpit has proven a sleeper hit of 2021. Released back in March, Dipshit encompasses the passion and excitement of a high school band, without any regard for any rules, putting their craft to tape for the first time. Said energy translates to confidence as performers and songwriters after serving several years perfecting their stage presence.

The lyrics provide a healthy dose of Fiona Apple and Patti Smith wrapped in the minimalist instrumentation, in which they sought the familiar hands of Steve Albini himself to produce the record. Tracks like “Splinter” and “Sold Out” give nods to Albini and his organic and balanced minimalist-rock production while matching the cheeky spin of his lyrics. Tracks like “1000 Ways To Die” and “Trash Queen” ripple through your eardrums and grab your attention, and remind you that it’s okay to rock out to power chords. Nora Kelly’s vocals have a range that’s refreshingly versatile, reaching baritone levels that snap to howling screeches that conjure the silhouette of Brody Dalle.

Dishpit’s screeching aura continues to draw attention from peers and mentors of the punk community. Their broad and ambitious range have set a canvas that leaves us excited for what’s to come.

For fans of: Speedy Ortiz, Shellac, Patti Smith

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