Majical Cloudz + Moon King // 08-14-13 // LIVE @ UNION SOUND HALL

All photos by Andrew Mazurak at Union Sound Hall in Winnipeg.

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“There is some indefinable difference between Canada and the U.S. communities just on the other side of the border. I recognize that a lot of it could be in my head, but in any case it feels different when I return to Canada after having been in the States.

The psychology of national borders is interesting. When we are driving through Minnesota on our way to the border, it feels ‘northern’, but as soon as we cross into Canada, Winnipeg feels “southern” because of my mental map of its location within the province, rather than its location within the continent.

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Stylus Magazine is fucking amped to wrap up another year in music with our FIRST EVER readers poll that combined dozens of top 10 lists sent in by our readers and contributors over the past month!

Here are your top twenty selections for the best albums of 2012:

#20 // CAT POWER – SUN







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Mitten Claps + The Gunness + The Unbelievable Bargains // 12-06-12 // LIVE @ ROSE N BEE

Mitten Claps @ Rose N Bee
All photos by Andrew Mazurak at the Rose in Winnipeg.

By Andrew Mazurak

Well if you haven’t seen or heard of our bi-monthly fundraiser festival pandemic that started at the Lo Pub back in the summer and moved on over to the Rose n’ Bee, then get your ass out to the next one in February! This last slew of our fine Winnipeg artistic friends first included Mitten Claps (listen to their 2012 EP here) who got the night rollin’:
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RiFF RAFF // Live @ Greenroom // 09-26-12

Live at the Greenroom in Winnipeg.

By Andrew Mazurak

RiFF RAFF is the Anton Newcombe of hip-hop but consciously unsound. Heads, hipsters and tag-alongs all came out see Diplo’s new recruit to Mad Decent Records alongside DollaBillGates at the Greenroom two nights ago.

The crowd was wild as fuck. RAFF killed it. I fell off the stage at one point. rock ‘n roll

Also snapped some pics:

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CINEMATTERS // Momentary Vitality: Sigur Rós – Varúð

Vote for Momentary Vitality in Sigur Rós’ Valtari Mystery Film Experiment!!

By Andrew Mazurak

Joel Penner is a local photographer and videographer who has submitted his concept video to Sigur Rós’ Valtari Mystery Film Experiment; a contest that lets fans create music videos as inspired by their new album Valtari. Voting ends on September 18th so make sure you spread the word! Perhaps this will grow big enough to get all the members of Sigur Rós to finally tour here one of these years.

Stylus: Sigur Rós videos always seem to be consciously boundary defying and gorgeous works. How did you come up with the concept for your mystery submission??
Joel Penner: The ideas for my videos usually come to me pretty naturally. I’ll listen to a piece over and over as ideas pop into my mind and become clearer with each listen. After I’ve begun brainstorming I start experimenting to see if those ideas make sense visually. The music thus provides some of the core ideas in terms of its rhythm and emotionality, aspects which I then try to transpose with my expansive palette of floral textures, colours and dying contortions that have been captured across hundreds of flowers. I didn’t do it for this video, but I also like focusing on making sequences that represent larger ideas that govern the lives of the flowers themselves. For instance in my video to Nosaj Thing’s “Fog”, I make sequences based off of Fibonacci spirals, as the Fibonacci sequence determines phenomena like the arrangement of seeds on a sunflower head and the placement of leaves on some plant stalks amongst other phenomena.
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