Buck 65 + Rob Crooks // 07-14-12 // LIVE @ Pyramid Cabaret

Buck 65 @ The Pyramid

By Andrew Mazurak

Buck 65 made his way through town an enlisted Winnipeg’s Rob Crooks and Edmonton’s Colleen Brown who helped Buck with their endearing cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Who By Fire”. Here’s some photos and we’ll have a review to follow in our upcoming August/September issue out August 9th, which is also the same day as our second Stylus Launch Party at the LO PUB featuring pretty much everyone from NO LABEL COLLECTIVE!!
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Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012 Photos

Feist kicks off the festival by rocking out pretty damn late into the night!

By Andrew Mazurak

Well well well.. another year and another blistering hot weekend+ at Birds Hill Park for the 39th annual Winnipeg Folk Fest. A lethal consumption of alcohol was consumed, glorious costumes became tattered strips of nothing, and Stylus was there to slam ’em back, crash, puke, dance, interview, force food into guts, force coffee into brain, buy many and many dollar watermelon slices, wander through the trees in the dark, hug the shrug guy and shrug at the hug guy with the rest of you. I for one had a great time documenting what bands I could and hereeeee weee gooo: Continue reading “Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012 Photos”


Some solid event listings updates to begin Winnipeg’s always excellent slew of spring shows goes like this:

Raekwon the Chef of the infamous Wu-Tang Clan is bringing his freshly sharpened tongue to the Marquee Lounge and Event Centre on Feb. 27th.

April 7th see’s the latest addition to Shady Records and southern boi Yelawolf to the Pyramid Cabaret.

For those whose ears are heavy-set, the Heritage Hunter Canadian Tour is stomping through town with an epic line-up of co=headliners Opeth and Mastodon. Also Ghost will be opening things up, which is a nice addition considering they were supposed to open for Alcest last year and had to drop out.

And lastly, the Pyramid Cabaret had a nice little facebook update today announcing Twin Shadow here on August 8th!!

Austra + Young Galaxy + Tasseomancy // 11-24-11 // LIVE @ WECC

Austra @ WECC
Photo by Andrew Mazurak at the WECC in Winnipeg.

By Andrew Mazurak

Toronto’s Austra came to town in late November expecting colder weather than that which welcomed them. Despite our less than wintery wonderland of a city being unseasonably warm, the WECC warmed up damn quick as the sold out crowd danced their asses off for opener Young Galaxy who just came through town a few months earlier with Junior Boys:

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“Bone Thugs-N-Harmony” // 10-21-11 // Marquee Lounge

Bone Thugs in Winnipeg
Photo by Mike Chiasson at the Marquee Lounge in Winnipeg.

By Andrew Mazurak

Sound Republic brought in Kray-kray-zie Bone and Wish Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to Winnipeg’s Marquee Lounge & Event Centre a few Fridays ago and the night was not so tame. At midnight we arrive to the front doors to find a couple wasted girls verbally brawling a couple bouncers. One gets taken down to the pavement out front as the other screams.


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Arctic Monkeys + Smith Westerns // 10-1-11 // Walker

Arctic Monkeys in Winnipeg
Photo by Andrew Mazurak at the Walker in Winnipeg.

The Arctic Monkeys came through Winnipeg with Chicago’s Smith Westerns at the Burton Cummings earlier this month and it ended up being a verrrry surprising affair.

Let it be known that Stylus was among the (small?) fraction to see Smith Westerns and we agreed with the majority of this fraction that it was not an overly satisfying part of the evening. It may have been that the band was on a larger stage than their look/sound/performance could handle.. but this was only the seventh show on a stretch with the Arctic Monkeys.. so there is really no excuse for such a drab Winnipeg showcase. And this is coming from many attendees who fell for their 2009 self-titled debut and this years stellar Dye It Blonde..
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