Warsaw :: Patience can be Heavy

by Darcy Penner

On Saturday, August 25th, Warsaw will be making its debut appearance at the Lo Pub.  Comprised of Curran Faris (Hide Your Daughters, Husk), Josh Bedry (Electro Quarterstaff, El Diablo), Ethan Osland (burnthe8track), and Darren Achorn (Projektor, Meat Rack), the four-piece takes melodic riffs on top of pop-influenced structures and kicks it all in the ass with their pasts in hardcore and metal. Stylus had the opportunity to sit down for a cup of coffee with Faris, Osland, and Faris’ impossibly cute daughter ahead of their show to chat about the bands inception, influences, and goals.  The following is an edited transcript of the interview.  Be sure to check out Warsaw at the Lo Pub, with Pop Crimes and Still Lights, on August 25th. Continue reading “Warsaw :: Patience can be Heavy”

Slates: Petro-state rock n’ roll hits the Lo

By Darcy Penner

I was sitting in the Stylus office a few weeks back when Adrienne Yeung tossed Slates’ album Prairie Fires into the CD player. My excitement for the band quickly turned to annoyance when I found out how long I had not known about this fantastic quartet, and their post-punk, Americana influenced rock n’ roll. Leading up to their cross-Canada tour in support of Prairie Fires, Dallas Thompson took the time to send some emails my way and answer a few questions.  They play Winnipeg on Saturday, July 7 at the Lo Pub.

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