Samantha Savage Smith – Tough Cookie

Samantha Savage Smith chronicles a tale of wrecked love on Tough Cookie, and despite it obviously being the result of a painful and poisonous relationship, I couldn’t be happier to have this album in my collection. Savage Smith came through Winnipeg not so long ago, playing at the Lo Pub with Freedom or Death and Ashley Roch. More than a pleasant surprise, this album is on my top ten of the year. This is Savage Smith’s debut release off of Arts and Crafts Distribution, and what a debut it is. Savage Smith has a honeyed voice that is strong and bluesy, with intimate lyrics that shift from the lovey-dovey of “The Fight” to pure angst and longing on tracks like “You Always Come to Mind.” “Honestly / Honesty never really meant too much to me / So I’ll just keep it in a box” is the near screaming confession of “Keep it in a Box,” while “The Fight” is all timely and willing submission. Dealing with themes of adultery, sex, and self-hatred, Smith hits the major chords of any great romance and she hits them hard. I seriously recommend this album for anyone who’s been in or out love. (Western Famine Recordings, Victoria King

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