The Good, the Bad and the Folked; Reflections on the Winnipeg Folk Festival


 by Zach Fleisher

The Good, the Bad and the Folked

One of my roles within Stylus Magazine has been to scurry around the Winnipeg Folk Festival, just to talk about it; tell the story and elaborate on my experience. With that in mind, I’m writing a couple of quick posts elaborating on what I enjoy, aspects that I didn’t like as much and…well, the more unique aspects of the Winnipeg Folk Festival. I’m not sure if this is going to be a daily kind of feature, but we’ll try to keep those in the city updated as we go.

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Danny Michel brings eclectic mix to Folk Festival mainstage


by Isaac Würmann

The Caribbean waters and dense rainforests of Belize may seem like a dramatic departure from the rugged northern landscapes of Canada, but that’s exactly where Ontario-born musician Danny Michel went to record his latest album. Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me, which was recorded exclusively in Belize and features the Belizean music group the Garifuna Collective, is an equally dramatic departure from the sounds of some of Michel’s earlier albums. Continue reading “Danny Michel brings eclectic mix to Folk Festival mainstage”

JD Edwards Band :: Talkin’ Winnipeg Folk Fest Joys


by Sheldon Birnie

If you’re at all familiar with the roots scene in Winnipeg, you’ve no doubt come across the JD Edwards Band at some point in your travels. A tight band, killer songs, and pipes on JD himself that wouldn’t be out of place in Memphis, Tennessee combine for a live experience that is tried, tested, and true. After years of hard work and hundreds of gigs, the boys are set to take the Winnipeg Folk Fest by storm next week. Amidst the mud, the blood, and the beers at Dauphin’s Countryfest last week, JD Edwards Band took some time off to talk On The Record with Stylus about the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and their plans beyond next weekend. Continue reading “JD Edwards Band :: Talkin’ Winnipeg Folk Fest Joys”

A conversation with Hayes Carll


by Sheldon Birnie

With festival season bearing down hard upon us, it is with great anticipation that we wait here for some of the world’s best singers, songwriters, and guitar pickers to come pouring in off the Hillbilly Highway and into our backyards. With performances at Dauphin’s Countryfest in June and the Winnipeg Folk Festival in July, Manitobans have no excuse to miss out on Hayes Carll. Stylus caught up with this Texas troubadour over the phone from a tour stop in Tucson, AZ.

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