Poor Moon – Poor Moon

When I think of the word “moon,” I think of the childhood lullaby Goodnight Moon. From the opening bars of “Clouds Below,” the sounds of a music box welcomes listeners to a peaceful dreamscape. Along the path of folklore, the lyrics throughout Poor Moon’s debut release are also calming, poetic, whimsically rhyming, and pleasantly vague, all intertwined and woven with elements of mystery and enchantment. The team out from Seattle of Ian and Peter Murray, along with Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott of the Fleet Foxes, seems to have found a fairly unique sound. Soft voices that blend into the well thought out arrangements of various instruments – of which none sound to be out of place. Poor Moon was built around Wargo’s song and compositions; his material might just have added yet another hit group to Sub Pop’s already stunning line-up of successful and up-and-coming artists. In particular “Clouds Below,” “Phantom Light,” “Heaven’s Door,” “Come Home,” and “Birds” have a strong sense of fairy tale and childhood storytelling. Doesn’t it make a couple cookies, some warm milk, and a warm bed seem like a pleasant situation? (Sub Pop, subpop.com) Jesse Blackman

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