By Kyra Leib

It’s a good thing that I changed my shirt and brushed my hair before hearing Megan James of Purity Ring say “Hey, I can’t see you!” when I sat down to have a chit chat with the hot new band over Skype. I turned on the video and there they were; Megan and Corrin Roddick sitting for a moment in the darkness of Roddick’s apartment before turning on the lights. “There, that’s better” I said as the lights came on and Roddick’s gorgeous apartment came into view. I began shooting questions at the duo and here’s what came of it! Continue reading “DREAMS AND LANTERNS with Purity Ring”

Memoryhouse – The Slideshow Effect

by Adrienne Yeung

Forget the map. A pair of headphones and Memoryhouse’s debut LP,
The Slideshow Effect, are all you need to find a little oasis of sepia-toned zen anytime, anyplace. (It also helps if you have the muscle tone to not drop your backpack on a stranger’s foot like I did when I was chilling/dozing to this during my commute.) The duo behind this ambient, invigorating pop consist of Guelph natives Evan Abeele and Denise Nouvion, who took the time to play Q&A with Stylus. Continue reading “Memoryhouse – The Slideshow Effect”

15 Minutes with Chad VanGaalen

By Victoria King

While Chad VanGaalen may refer to himself as a “joke” of a singer-songwriter, tour relatively little, and gain the reputation of being a “notorious homebody,” he’s still working with one of the biggest and best record labels in the world. After the success of his 2004 release Infiniheart on Flemish Eye Records, Sub Pop jumped on board the crazy psycho-eclectic and talented musical train of VanGaalen and they’ve been going steady ever since.