HEY PILGRIM – Hey Pilgrim

Hey Pilgrim’s new album is quite simple: simple progressions, simple percussion, simple production, and simple lyrics. But that’s why it’s perfect. Now when I say simple, I don’t mean so simple that it’s generic. I mean so simple that it’s easy to enjoy. Each of the songs on this album has their own little twist that makes it different from the last: “DJ” brings along extremely blunt, but entertaining, lyrics, such as “Why would I learn how to play, when I can download, plug and play? Give me a time and place, I’ll bring my iPod and move this place. So that the chicks can dance, so I can get into someone’s pants.” “When We Were Young” offers guitar solos that spice up the simplicity a tad. Hey Pilgrim ends with two acoustic songs, which place the guitar in the spotlight and makes for a smooth end to a smooth album. (No Label, music.cbc.ca/artists/Hey-Pilgrim) Shanell Dupras

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