JohNNy SiZZle :: Still shaking the tree after 20 years

by Sheldon Birnie

“A funny thing has happened on the way to the stage,” says Winnipeg’s JohNNy SiZZle as we chat in the Stylus office (“It’s not as glamorous as I imagined it,” says SiZZle). “They could still see that I’m very influenced by underground hardcore punk, but I think that underground hardcore punk has seeped so much into the mainstream culture, that it’s not like ten or 20 years ago where I had to make a full explanation of myself, of what I’m doing with an acoustic guitar. They can clearly get it, that ‘Oh, acoustic guitar playing heavy hardcore punk. I get it.’”
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Merch Table Delight – Back to Lo-Fi (2007-2012)

Remember the times when you’d hang out in your friend’s basement for hours fiddling around with guitars and recording your ideas on a cheap computer mic – then add sound bites from your favorite movies or tv shows and share it with your friends? No? Then Back to Lo-Fi (2007-2012) isn’t going to give you the nostalgic experience it gave me. Continue reading “Merch Table Delight – Back to Lo-Fi (2007-2012)”