Yes We Mystic – Floods and Fires


Floods and Fires is the debut EP by Winnipeg band, Yes We Mystic. Formed in 2011, the four band mates started as a traditional folk band, but have evolved to a faster-paced indie sound, with plenty of instrumentals that retain the folk vibe. The instrumental swell in all of the tracks will leave you totally bowled over, and the vocals by Adam Fuhr and Keegan Steele commands your attention without yelling at you.


The album feels nostalgic without giving you a case of the weepies. The lyrics are centered on themes of loss, but nothing about the trumpet, violin, banjo or cello will leave you feeling distraught. The first track, “August,” was more brooding than the other tracks. The lyrics are absolutely unapologetic, and the trumpet will make you feel like you’re marching to an emotional battle. “Flashlights” reminds one of Death Cab for Cutie, but with an injection of happiness, and more complex instrumental undertones. Throughout the song they switch gears from a slow acoustic track, to soulful indie, and back again. The only song that didn’t stick was “Mademoiselle X Writes a Letter Home,” because it sounds particularly folky and sticks out against the rest of the more indie-acoustic infused tracks. Overall, Floods and Fires is a short and sweet five tracks of musical goodness that leaves you wanting more. (Head in the Sand, Raegan Hedley

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