Steven Vitali – Language of the Soul


If you have been to an airshow featuring a performance by the Snowbirds, Canada’s air acrobatic team, within the past sixteen years then chances are you have heard the music of Steven Vitali, who composed the stunning music that accompanies their performances. With Language of the Soul this talented and determined Canadian composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist has released a gem that is destined to be his best album thus far, and a true classic in the new age genre.

Language of the Soul is a wonderful cross-section of Vitali’s compositional styles and skills, from fresh upbeat rhythms that make you want to get up and dance, to soft and tender melodies that will instantly soothe your soul. Right from the opening track to the final one, this assortment of instrumental music will both entertain you and captivate you, with all of it coming straight from the heart. And what is even more remarkable is the fact that Steven plays all of the instruments on this album himself.

Listen carefully to the pieces on this album and you will find that each one tells its own story. For example, “Red Piano” was written as a tribute to the aforementioned Snowbirds, the beautiful “Forever Germaine” is an homage to his mother, and the touching “My Father, My Prayer” details the honour and respect that he has for his dad. But it’s hard to choose favourites in this collection – all of the pieces can certainly stand on their own merit. Collectively they form a carefully crafted work of art, a true masterpiece in the world of music! So if you are looking for music that will inspire you, look no further. This collection will evoke images in your mind, trigger emotions within you, and satisfy your hunger for heartfelt music. Steven Vitali aspires to be “the best he can be,” and with Language of the Soul he has certainly achieved that! (Independent,  John Iverson


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