Miesha & The Spanks – Girls, Like Wolves



Recorded live off the floor in a cabin on the lower lake of Kananaskis, Alberta, Miesha & The Spanks’ Girls, Like Wolves sounds vaguely reminiscent of The Runaways. This has a lot to do with Miesha Louie’s vocals, which are full of unabashed confidence and spunk. The lyrics from “Wrecking Ball” (not a Miley Cyrus cover) ask, “Take it off” and you can’t help but imagine a young Cherie Currie repeating the same lyric over and over again, too.

However, while the live aspect may not be for everyone, it’s a polished live set to say the least, and this is partly due to Change of Heart’s Ian Burton, who oversaw the operation and arrangement of the songs. Girls, Like Wolves highlights include “Wrecking Ball”, and “Look at you (baby look at you)”—a fast-paced, and saucily executed song where Louie’s vocals growl through the chorus. However, “Song 10”, a slow and earthy tune doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the album and it evoked a sense of sleepiness that belies how fun and cheeky the rest of the album is. While I enjoyed listening to the album, the live sound made me wish I could see it live in concert instead. It ended up as a distracting characteristic of the album and one I wouldn’t recommend again. (Saved by Vinyl, mandthespanks.com) Rebecca Henderson


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