Proud Animal – Proud Animal EP


Proud Animal pack a wide range of sounds across their debut self-titled EP. This may seem like a sign that the band, formed only four months before this release, was struggling to find its voice. This isn’t entirely true. The band sounds self-assured throughout, from the folky “Open up the Dark,” the guitar solo of “Alice,” and the indie charm of “Little Hinge.” While they may sound self-assured, the EP doesn’t quite work as a whole or as a sum of its parts. With only three band members, the simple instrumentation of the songs often makes them seem longer than they ought to be. The pacing too is off, as songs like “Light Was Young” stretch toward the six minute mark. Though not always consistent, there is definite charm in this band, particularly in songs like “Little Hinge.” With shared vocal duties, this song is reminiscent of bands like Immaculate Machine. The use of autoharp and keyboard is more imaginative and catchy than the more straightforward instrumentation on other tracks. This evidences where the band will hopefully go with more experience under its belt.  (Independent, Devin King


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