Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – Dereconstructed


“Real Alabama rock n roll” is how the Glory Fires describe themselves, and they’re spot on with that. Raw, rollicking riffs and driving rhythms, with a bit of punk rock grit thrown in for good measure, form the backbone of these ten tunes. Bains’ lyrics are in the southern tradition of rock n roll storytelling, much like the rawest moments in the Drive-By Truckers catalogue. From the anti-authoritarian rantings of “Company Man,” to the damning take on America’s colonial history in “What’s Good and Gone,” Bains’ lyrics are delivered from the heart, over a wall of squealing guitars, with the aplomb of a southern preacher. Religious imagery itself makes its way into the lyrics throughout the entire record, as though Bains & the Glory Fires are either driven by demons, the Holy Ghost, or some unholy combination of both. The closing number, “Dirt Track,” is a rollicking peaen to redeeming nature of southern rock and stock car racing. If you’re standing around this summer, drinking cold ones with the sleeves cut off your shirt, and you’re looking to crank the party into rowdier territory, consider throwing on Dereconstructed and turn her up to 11. See you out on the dirt track, buddy. Cheers. (Sub Pop, thegloryfires.com) Sheldon Birnie


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