David Vest – Roadhouse Revelation


David Vest is an award winning jazz/blues pianist currently living in Canada, and we are lucky to have him! David comes from Alabama, has a history with some of the big names in blues like Big Joe Turner and Bo Diddley. When it comes to the piano, this guy is the real deal. David’s most recent album, Roadhouse Revelation, has a ton of piano packed with a variety boogie-woogie, rock and roll, jazz, ragtime, blues, and country. There are some especially catchy and energy filled tracks on this album worth mentioning, “Streetcar” is an amazingly strange and haunting ragtime tune about a lost love and ghost streetcar. “Santa Fe Steamer” is a really great boogie piece with a ton of energy. “Crooked Politician” (my personal favorite), co-written with the late Paul deLay, is a timeless, entertaining, and highly memorable commentary on political corruption. This is an all-around great album that definitely won’t be collecting any dust on my shelf. (Cordova Bay, davidvest.ca) Kacey Fields


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