Malachai – Beyond Ugly



You’ve got a certain type of music you listen to when you’re having a bad day, a certain type when you’re trying to get pumped up, and a certain type when you wanna lash out. This is one of those albums that is so versatile you can listen to it any time and it will likely satisfy whatever audible cravings you are seeking. Beyond Ugly is this duo’s third album and their tunes are composed of electronic samples riding an indie bull through the streets of the 1960s, which are on fire. I listened to it while washing my dishes and now those dishes are awesome. Malachai takes the listener on a journey full with beginning, middle and end, but I won’t ruin it. So whether you’re doing drugs with your friends, punching holes in the walls, or skipping down Portage, press play on Beyond Ugly. Who knows? Maybe I’m not lying. (Domino Recording Co. Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell

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