Chuck Ragan- Till Midnight


When one thinks of Chuck Ragan, almost immediately Hot Water Music comes to mind. And rightfully so: that band fucking rules. However, Chuck’s signature rough growl not only has its place in punk, but also in the folk-rock and Americana stream, a genre that his solo offerings explore. On his fourth release, Till Midnight, things seem a lot more upbeat than his previous releases. An all around fuller sound is present on this album, primarily due to heaps of musicians, from the likes of Lucero and Social Distortion to name a few, that aid in the rich sound. “Non-Typical” just oozes passion and the backing vocals and melodies from Revival Tour’s Jenny O make this a definite high point. “Revved” keeps the intensity rolling and makes for one hell of a back-to-back listen on the first half of this album. The back half of the album is just as great but the vibe seems to shift slightly, with the record’s potency focusing more on the theme of love (see tracks “Wake With You” and “You and I Alone”). One of my favorite numbers, “Gave My Heart Out,” creates a perfect transition from the fiercer initial half of the record to the more down tempo B-side. Regardless, Ragan owns all of these songs, from the intense anthems to the slow burners, and this makes for a dynamic and enjoyable summer listen. (Dine Alone,  Scott Wolfe


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