Naysa – Losing Weight (EP Stream!)

Losing Weight EP Cover

by Broose Tulloch

For Winnipeg’s Naysa, their second release in less than seven months, is a real growth spurt. Their March release, Troubled Heart, showed some real promise, and October’s Losing Weight realizes that potential. The music is purposely loose almost to the point of controlled sloppy. Its rough and ragged exterior protects the foundation of smooth beautiful melodies.  Throw in some blue collar chords and rhythms and you’ve got a great college radio sound that harkens back to the 80s yet still in the moment. Think a mellower, poppier version of a BTO-Jesus and Mary Chain mashup, similar in that way to the Pixies more accessible tunes.

But make no mistake, the Dave Todd lead quartet has their own sound. Thanks in part to Todd’s nasally voice and lyrics which are a delicious melange of melancholy, gloom, and self-effacing humour.  Perfectly encapsulating all these qualities, the lead single, “How I’m Feeling Lately,” should come with an earworm warning.  It is that good. Simply put, Losing Weight is one of the best albums to come out of Winnipeg this year.

Take your first listen to Naysa’s Losing Weight here

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