From Fiction – Bloodwork


This pop rock album is just that, pop rock. Bloodwork is From Fiction’s only release thus far. It’s not like they’re bad musicians but frankly I’m not drawn in. If I had to place this album on a life timeline I think it’d best fit into a lonely 14 year old boy’s MP3 player. He’d tell all his friends of this great band. When he stopped talking about them and listening to them it wouldn’t be because he realized how terrible they are, it’s just that he forgot. I don’t blame him. If you were to dissect Bloodwork you’d probably just leave it dissected. It’d be guitar, drums, bass and vocals. No surprises. It’s not all bad though. If you’re looking for aggressive although tame, study or house cleaning music, something you can listen to without getting caught up in, Bloodwork is probably a top pick. They’re just not my thing, ya know? (Last Gang Records, Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell


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