Monomyth – Saturnalia Regalia!


Saturnalia Regalia!, one of the finest albums produced in Canada this year, may be doomed by its own skilled application of influences. Monomyth ably hear the pieces of different sonic templates and, over a breezy half-hour, find what ties those sounds together to make a cohesive palette. There’s elements of pop, psych, shoegaze and other jangly and dreamy sounds, all brought together to make an extraordinarily compelling record.

It almost seems out of time – as though this is a great lost record from my formative years, when indie broke through in the 2000s. As deft as Monomyth are in shaping this truly great record, it doesn’t tread new ground despite its application of various styles. While this is surely a great album, but one hopes that the work here leads Monomyth to adopt these sounds and apply them to make them something uniquely their own.  Despite this, Saturnalia Regalia! has been one of my most listened to albums this year, and will continue to be something I go back to in the years to come. (Mint Records, Devin King


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