These Estates – The Dignity of Man



This debut full length from Regina’s These Estates delivers a solid, free poured kick of “bourbon rock.” With a sound, and penchant for thoughtful, well crafted lyrics, that hearkens back to mid-90s political pondering Prairie pop punk, These Estates at once conjure a nostalgia for early Weakerthans, K is for Catherine era Bonaduces, and Painted Thin at their angriest. “Nothing quite like nostalgia,” John Cameron even sings on “Stone Cold Summer,” “to make you feel a little bit older.” From the opening “When the Lovee Breaks” to the singalong closer “Pay Me Some Attention,” These Estates leave it all on the studio floor, hammering this earnest, at times endearingly sloppy, collection of ten tracks home in a manner which leaves the listener feeling both empowered and disarmingly helpless. (And the cover photo is just amazing). Word is there’s a follow up LP to be released, though the band itself is on a hiatus. Winnipeg only played host to these boys a couple of times, so let’s hope there’s some sort of reunion brewing down the line. (Independent, Sheldon Birnie


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