Album Review :: Still Depths :: Best Plan For Your Life

by Gabriel Fars

Still Depths has a very casual grunge sound to their music. If you’re a fan of Nirvana, or just 90s rock in general, I’d highly recommend this album. There’s a sort of half-angry, half-apathetic theme to the songs. Best Plan For Your Life will give you the existential crisis that you need and make you reassess your life plan. 

There’s something about their music that’s so aggressively self-aware that you almost wonder when it will stop. Sometimes it’s a half-ironic joke, and other times it’s a complete reality check. Still Depths really wants to make you think about what the you’re doing with your life and the way that you’re living. Something about their music is just so relatable, that you can tell it’s meant for the average person.

Their song “Top 5 Reasons I’m Shit” has half-ironic relatability. Getting into trouble for something that’s not actually your fault. Being blamed for something you didn’t do, or something you can’t help. Or even when you’re generally just down on your luck and it feels as though there isn’t a single thing going your way. It happens to everyone at some point. 

“Best Plan For Your Life” has a very grunge-rock type of guitar intro that really helps to keep the head banging going. They slurred together words, to the point where it’s kind of hard to hear the lyrics. It’s not a very long track but you almost get the sense that it leaves you on a sort of cliff cliffhanger, as though you’re meant to go back and listen from the beginning again.

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