Album Review :: Jacob Brodovsky :: I Love You and I’m Sorry

by Sam Doucet

Jacob Brodovsky has been doing a lot of thinking. At a time when many artists are pumping out material at breakneck pace to keep their names in the conversation, and most of them are already working on their second or third pandemic-driven album, this Winnipeg troubadour has taken his time in releasing his debut full-length, the ever-so-cloyingly titled I Love You and I’m Sorry. It’s the first recordings we’ve heard from him since 2019’s Sixteen Years EP, which introduced many local ears to Brodovsky’s pensive and unhurried brand of indie folk. 

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Album Review :: TOPS :: Empty Seats

by Ryan Haughey

Montreal’s sweetheart band TOPS builds on their already sparkling discography with their most recent EP, Empty Seats. After their previous full-length record, we’ve come to expect their usual driven, bubbly pop style – and on Empty Seats, the band delivers. But it’s never tired or recycled. All five songs hold something new to discover for TOPS in both storytelling and composition.

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Album Review :: JayWood :: Slingshot

by Sam Doucet

There is perhaps no cliché more prominent in music reviews than the one of the artist who refuses to be pigeonholed into one genre. Well, dear reader, that cliché is alive and well with Jeremy Haywood-Smith, aka Jaywood’s new album Slingshot, a dreamy and dynamic collection of musings that represent his first full-length release since 2019’s Time. It’s a deeply moving record that is the result of a tumultuous few years for Jeremy, with personal and global events giving him much to reflect on musically.

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Album Review :: Emma Worley :: Sentimentalist

by Gabriel Fars

Released just in early June of 2022, Sentimentalist is Emma Worley’s powerful debut album. The album features several different musicians, including Ben Whiteley on bass and cello, Drew Jureka on viola and violin, Karen Ng on clarinet, Jasper Smith on electric guitar, Miles Breithaupt as well as Caitlin Comeau-Jarvis both doing backing vocals, and of course, not to forget, the one and the only Emma Worley, who did lead vocals, acoustic guitar, and vibraphone. These incredibly talented musicians and songwriters give absolute emotional depth to the album. 

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Album Review :: Georgia Harmer :: Stay In Touch

by Olivier La Roche

The niece of well-known Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer, Georgia Harmer brings a similar brand of mellow indie-folk to her aunt’s style on Stay In Touch. Mixed in with this influence is a strong indie-rock sound that brings a quite entrancing facet to the album, showcasing Georgia’s talents as a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter all at once. 

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Album Review :: The Secret Beach :: Songs From The Secret Beach

by Noah Cain

The opening track and lead single of Songs from The Secret Beach by The Secret Beach is called “The Secret Beach.” So, what (and who and where) is The Secret Beach? If this were a murder mystery, “Micah Erenberg in the Interlake with the Tascam 388 Recording Console” would be an accurate, albeit inadequate answer. The Secret Beach contains multitudes. It is the evening behind the wind and a cat pawing at static on a TV screen. It is looking for a way out while knowing it needs to be there to be the one for everybody it will become. It is Existential Interlake Psych-Surf. 

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Album Review :: Sophie Stevens :: With Love

by Daniel Kussy

Sophie Claire Stevens hit the ground running as an artist in the summer of 2018. Those who were fortunate to witness her perform in any sort of capacity felt immediately connected, if not through her warm music, but her even warmer personality. In virtually no time, she was performing alongside Micah Erenberg at the Winnipeg Folk Festival over numerous sets. After a scheduling conflict for Micah, Stevens found herself performing alone on a bill opening for local indie pillar Kakagi, composing a set of her own material with a backing band to boot. With Love, Stevens’ debut LP, sees these songs finally given life beyond the stage.

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