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Wonder stylised as VVonder, Now and again album cover psychedelic wires surrounded by pictures of parts of a person.

By Niqui Lampa

VVonder is a rock band born out of a noteworthy musical tie in Canada. A veritable mixture of the best local talent the heart of Winnipeg has to offer, this band consistently guarantees and lives up to soulful and highly entertaining rock music that resembles the early ’70s and late ’60s. VVoner takes the listeners on an existential journey throughout their new album Now And Again.

VVonder is fronted by lead vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist Micah Braun (Jicah, the Nods). Alongside Nate Jacobucci (Campfire Sigh, Butterfist Funhouse) on keys and vocals, Joey Penner (Trampoline, Jicah, The Waking Eyes) on bass and vocals, and Steve Martens (Trampoline) on drums. 

Now And Again is carefully written and illustrated, truly mastering the art of internal monologue, making their music more intimate and personal. Listening to the album repeatedly makes me reflect on life and all my own experiences. I imagine these songs will appeal to people experiencing coming of age, easily helping them transition from childhood to adolescence and into adulthood. 

One song from their album that really impressed me was “Hurts So Much.” I think this is a song that shows a different side of VVonder because all the other songs on their album are very upbeat. Then there’s this song that really slows down the tempo. “Hurts So Much” resembles rock music from the late ’60s and early ’70s, making it hard not to sing along. When Micah Braun sings, “Why does everything hurt so much?” kept echoing in my head. It made me feel a certain emotion you only get when you’re feeling depressed.

My favorite song from Now and Again is “Mistakes.” Growing up, I learned that making mistakes is something everyone experiences, but my parents never talked about the consequences of making mistakes. This song captures the feelings of guilt, betrayal, and self-loathing after making a mistake. I found the bass throughout the song, the drums, and the guitar solo at the end to make this song really engaging and keep me going. I think when Micah Braun sings “No More Excuses to Romance,” it really ties everything together. That’s why this song is easily my favorite on the album. 

If you’re looking for a catchy and upbeat album, this one’s for you!

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  1. Great review for a wonderful album. My favourite song on this album is also Mistake , and l love the video as well. Do check out the album and the video. You will be doing yourself a favour. 🤗.

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