Wares :: Creating Intimacy

By Charlie Fraser

Creating intimacy at a live performance can seem like an impossible thing. There is this very distinct separation between the musician(s) on the stage and everyone else on the ground below them. The space where the audience members are is very dark so the musician(s) can’t see them; meanwhile, the musician(s) are lit up with intense fluorescent lights illuminating every single one of their features and even, flaws. Continue reading “Wares :: Creating Intimacy”

Stylus checks out Sir Paul McCartney

Photo by Andrew Mazurak
Photo by Andrew Mazurak

by Zach Fleisher

In putting this piece forward, I have to acknowledge a fundamental bias in my writing a review for a Paul McCartney show; I’m a Beatles fanatic. I grew up listening to the Fab Four (though I didn’t actually listen to Sgt. Pepper side to side until five years ago) through  drives from end to end of the Canadian prairie. In grade five, I fell asleep every night listening to Abbey Road on a CD with only one track for the entire album and no way to change which song I was listening to. As often as I would fall asleep to the gentle and soothing tones of “Something,” I did make the consistent effort to listen until the medley of broken songs at the end, which more often than not proves to the be the enduring legacy of Paul McCartney’s musical career.

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James Struthers + Tyler del Pino // 11-25-11 // Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe

by Megan Carlson

Local Winnipeg artist James Struthers (left) played the Winnipeg Free Press Cafe this Friday November 25, 2011 with opening act Tyler Del Pino (right). The packed cafe enjoyed the upbeat pop styles of these singer-song writers and listened attentively as James played a “dead” Ukulele unplugged standing on top of a chair. Both artists can be found playing all over Winnipeg unplugged and rocking out with a band. James next show is at the Park Theater on December 19th for the Third Annual Acoustic Christmas and Tyler will be rocking out with his band next Friday December 2nd at the Kingshead.

“Bone Thugs-N-Harmony” // 10-21-11 // Marquee Lounge

Bone Thugs in Winnipeg
Photo by Mike Chiasson at the Marquee Lounge in Winnipeg.

By Andrew Mazurak

Sound Republic brought in Kray-kray-zie Bone and Wish Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to Winnipeg’s Marquee Lounge & Event Centre a few Fridays ago and the night was not so tame. At midnight we arrive to the front doors to find a couple wasted girls verbally brawling a couple bouncers. One gets taken down to the pavement out front as the other screams.


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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart + Suuns // 09-28-11 // Lo Pub

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart in Winnipeg
Photo by Mike Chiasson at the Lo Pub in Winnipeg.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart were recently in Winnipeg to play an amalgamated show with Montréal’s Suuns at the Lo Pub. Opening for these two would-have-been separate shows were Jersey’s Big Troubles and Montréal-based Valleys. Tons of the Stylus fam was on hand to take in this faux Battle of the Bands: National Edition that saw each act compliment one another as if it were a single renegade tour of rising face melters.
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