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  • Weird iPod Sighting

    Posted by Rob on November 23rd, 2006

    It seems that Ipods are infiltrating everything these days including rock formations.

    Stephen Hutcheon
    October 25, 2006 – 12:40PM

    Google Earth spotters have discovered a strange rock formation in the prairies of central Canada that resembles a native American in headdress listening to an iPod. The rock formation is in Alberta, Canada about 300km southeast of Calgary, near the border with Saskatchewan.

    Dubbed the Alberta Indian, the formation was discovered by a Google Earth spotter nicknamed Supergranny.

    The area is situated in one of Canada’s key gas fields. The nearest urban centre is Medicine Hat, a town of 56,000 known as “The Gas City” which claims to be Canada’s sunniest spot.

    The rock formation’s “face” measures about 255m across and its about 225m long.

    The feature which resembles an iPod earphone is actually a road leading up to what one Google Earth spotter who is knowledgeable about the region says is a natural gas wellhead.

    In the Google Earth forum, the person names the well as Piper Medhat 6-20-12-1.

    Another Google Earth spotter who appears to have some knowledge of geology write that the figure “seems to consist of an area naturally eroded out of the south side of a flat-topped mesa”.

    (According to the Macquarie Dictionary, a mesa is a land form having a relatively flat top and bounded wholly or in part with steep rock walls, common in arid and semi-arid parts of the world.)

    “I can see no sign of it having been created by modern or ancient people. In generally, the shapes making up the Alberta Indian conform to the sort of cursive, fractal erosion features found all around that part of Alberta,” the spotter called LoRezFlyer writes on the Google Earth forum.

    Google Earth – a program which combines satellite and aerial photography – offers armchair explorers a new frontier of discovery.

    Other interesting Google Earth finds include what looks to be hovering cars in Perth, a strange man-made formation in central China that is used for military training purposes and and topless sunbathers in the Netherlands.

    The feautre can also be found here on Google Maps. The Google Earth coordinates are 50 ° 0’38.20“N 110 ° 6’48.32“W. To operate Google Earth you need to download a free program.


  • Tomorrow on ‘Antennas To Heaven’

    Posted by Rob on November 20th, 2006

    Tommorrow (Nov 21) on Antenna’s to Heaven, special guest Dr. Joe Hawkins from will be in to discuss globalization and shadow government. A must listen event!

  • True Winnipeg Story #1

    Posted by Rob on November 19th, 2006

    I’ve been surfing the Winnipeg chat rooms. A few posts I came across had to do with stories about our beloved downtown. Here’s a true Winnipeg story.

    Years ago I was heading west on Portage right around the U of W. I was in my dad’s car, and had stopped at the crosswalk to allow a pedestrian to cross. Well I guess he didn’t like my dad’s car or something, because he stopped right in front of me, pulled a bag of frozen peas out of his grocery bag and threw it through the windshield of the car.

    My dad never did believe me that that’s what happened.

    Stay tuned for more true Winnipeg Stories…or write your own or go here.

  • So this is what downtown looks like

    Posted by Rob on November 18th, 2006

    Here are some colorful insights about the Grey Cup weekend from Mike the administrator at a popular Winnipeg blog site, Tear it Down. His sarcasm pretty much nails the problem with suburban flight in Winnipeg. Maybe this time they’ll stay and see an Albert show.

    So this is what downtown looks like.

    You wanna see some crazy sh..? Head to downtown Winnipeg this weekend people are on the streets. Most of them are weird dudes dressed in green coveralls emblazoned with slogans such as “Rider pride“or “Farming rules so hard,“but even some Winnipeggers have been seen downtown. Yes, suburban Winnipeg has ventured past St. Vital Centre to see what’s happening downtown. I know, I know. It’s totally weird to see people enjoying the area and having a good time without fear of being killed by the murderous homeless people and savage drug addicts who wait in eager anticipation to prey on unsuspecting suburbanites and steal their iPods. I assure you that for the next two days the downtown will be safe, even for soccer moms and minivan-driving dads. Hell, bring the little kids and let them get their very own first taste of downtown decay. Just drive in from Linden Woods or Whyte Ridge, park the SUV, and start walking around the core area, which is safe and secure because an army of cops are guarding the Grey Cup Festival. “Ooh! Just look at all the boarded-up windows and vacant buildings. Isn’t it all quaint and charming? Hey! Where’s the closest Jysk store? Or maybe Best Buy. I need to buy some linen and DVDs. Oh, those Bears on Broadway are so very droll, aren’t they?“Isn’t it funny how people are tourists in their very own city?


    Be warned if you’re going visit the tear it down site. You might as well check your political correctness at the door.

  • Getting down with Geezus

    Posted by Rob on November 18th, 2006

    Local rag Geez magazine is getting some attention for being the antithesis to the right-wing evangelical movement in the states. Managed by Aiden Enns former editor of Adbusters, practicing Mennonite and CKUW regular, Geez offers a different perspective on the Christian faith. One that aims to “untangle the narrative of faith from the fundamentalists“and make Jesus fun again.
    You can check out the magazine here.