Broadcast Schedule


6:00 AM Morning Breath Pop/Rock
8:00 AM The Shortwave Report Spoken Word
8:30 AM Counter Spin Spoken Word
9:00 AM Democracy Now! Spoken Word
10:00 AM Dept. 13 Pop/Rock
12:00 PM Cross-Canada Comedeorological Report Spoken Word
1:00 PM outSPOKEn Spoken Word
1:30 PM Truth Before Reconciliation Spoken Word
2:00 PM GroundSwell Radio Electronic/Exploratory
3:00 PM The Sean Show Pop/Rock
4:00 PM Vulcan’s Hold Electronic/ExploratoryHip Hop/GrooveLoudWorld
5:00 PM Deep Threes Electronic/ExploratoryPop/Rock
6:00 PM The World World
7:30 PM The Tonic Pop/Rock
9:00 PM Destination Moon Roots
10:30 PM !earshot Daily Pop/Rock
11:00 PM Break North Radio Hip Hop/Groove
12:00 AM Metal Monday Loud
3:00 AM ModernJazzToday Jazz
4:00 AM Amplified Radio Electronic/Exploratory


6:00 AM The Sentinel’s Marvelous Kaleidoscope Electronic/Exploratory
8:00 AM Talking Radical Radio Spoken Word
8:30 AM Free City Radio Electronic/ExploratoryJazzSpoken WordWorld
9:00 AM Democracy Now! Spoken Word
10:00 AM This Way Out Spoken Word
10:30 AM WINGS Spoken Word
11:00 AM The Freedom Principle World
1:00 PM The Green Majority Spoken Word
2:00 PM The Phil In Show / The Stuph File ClassicalJazz
3:00 PM Winnipeg Arena Is on Fire! LoudPop/Rock
5:00 PM System Kidz Spoken Word
6:00 PM The Coyote Show Pop/RockRootsSpoken Word
7:00 PM Bluesday Roots
8:00 PM On My Way home Pop/RockSpoken Word
9:00 PM Strange Wax Electronic/ExploratoryJazzLoud
10:00 PM !earshot 20 Pop/Rock
10:30 PM MonkeySparrow Electronic/ExploratorySpoken Word
11:00 PM Listening Pleasures Pop/Rock
12:00 AM Night Danger Radio LoudPop/Rock
3:00 AM The Motherland Influence Hip Hop/Groove
5:00 AM Currently vacant – your show could be here!


6:00 AM Worldbeat Canada Radio Pop/Rock
7:00 AM Frañol Pop/Rock
8:00 AM Making Contact Spoken Word
8:30 AM Earth Riot Radio Spoken Word
9:00 AM Democracy Now! Spoken Word
10:00 AM Voyage Jazz
1:00 PM Alternative Radio Spoken Word
2:00 PM The Meta World Stoopaloop Show Electronic/ExploratorySpoken Word
4:00 PM Space Cadet Electronic/ExploratoryJazzPop/Rock
5:00 PM Amateur Hour Electronic/ExploratoryPop/RockRootsSpoken Word
6:00 PM Twang Trust Roots
8:00 PM S.A.N.E. * Radio Electronic/ExploratoryLoud
9:00 PM ROMPE World
10:00 PM !earshot 20 Pop/Rock
10:30 PM Two Princes Pop/RockSpoken Word
12:00 AM Winnipeg Arena Is on Fire! LoudPop/Rock
2:00 AM Hurlements sur la toundra Loud
4:00 AM The Meta World Stoopaloop Show Electronic/ExploratorySpoken Word


6:00 AM Indigenous in Music Pop/Rock
7:00 AM CanQueer Spoken Word
8:00 AM Harbinger Media hour Spoken Word
9:00 AM Democracy Now! Spoken Word
10:00 AM Viewpoints Spoken Word
10:30 AM Bridging the Gap Spoken Word
11:00 AM Accessibility Matters Spoken Word
11:30 AM !earshot Daily Pop/Rock
12:00 PM Binky Pinder’s Funhouse Pop/Rock
1:00 PM Tickle My Blues Fancy Roots
2:00 PM Barking Dog Roots
4:00 PM Square Wave Electronic/ExploratorySpoken Word
5:00 PM Pages Spoken Word
5:30 PM Eat Your Arts & Vegetables Spoken Word
6:00 PM Tawny, the Brave Pop/Rock
7:30 PM Adult Kindergarten LoudPop/Rock
9:00 PM Dub City Steppers Electronic/Exploratory
10:00 PM Phase One Radio Electronic/Exploratory
12:00 AM The Wonderful & Frightening World of Patrick Michalishyn Pop/Rock


6:00 AM Fantastic Friday Hip Hop/GrooveWorld
8:00 AM Wooden Spoons Spoken Word
9:00 AM Democracy Now! Spoken Word
10:00 AM Sunnyroad Pop/RockRoots
11:00 AM Of No Fixed Address Spoken Word
12:00 PM How To Survive A Tornado Pop/Rock
1:00 PM Global Research News Hour Spoken Word
2:00 PM CKUW Album Feature Electronic/ExploratoryHip Hop/GrooveJazzLoudPop/RockRoots
3:00 PM Dollar Country Roots
4:00 PM Let’s Play DJ! Pop/Rock
5:00 PM Behind The News Spoken Word
6:00 PM The How Do You Do Revue Pop/Rock
7:00 PM Check Ca Hip Hop/Groove
9:00 PM Quadrafunk Hip Hop/Groove
10:30 PM STREETKILLAZ Generation Hip Hop/Groove
12:00 AM Manitoba Moon Pop/Rock


6:00 AM The Saturday Morning Show Spoken Word
8:00 AM Dead Medium LoudRoots
9:00 AM Mud Puddle Radio Spoken Word
11:00 AM The Electric Chair / Temple Tent Revival Pop/Rock
1:00 PM The Ivory Tower JazzRootsWorld
3:00 PM Eclectic Residents Pop/Rock
4:00 PM Starroad Junction Electronic/ExploratoryPop/Rock
6:00 PM We Build Hits Hip Hop/Groove
8:00 PM Red Box Radio Hip Hop/Groove
10:00 PM Dance Hall Fever World
12:00 AM Currently vacant – your show could be here!


6:00 AM CKUSpeaks Spoken Word
8:00 AM Shades of Classics Classical
10:00 AM The Medicine Wheel of Music Hip Hop/GrooveLoudPop/RockRoots
12:00 PM Neon Beige Sound Exchange Pop/RockSpoken Word
1:00 PM You Can’t Hide From God Roots
2:00 PM Active Voice ClassicalElectronic/ExploratoryPop/Rock
3:00 PM The World (NEWS) Spoken Word
4:00 PM Boots and Saddle / Barking Dog Roots
6:00 PM The C.A.R.P Electronic/ExploratoryHip Hop/GrooveLoudPop/RockRootsWorld
8:00 PM This is Hell! Spoken Word
9:00 PM The Gashlycrumb Tinies Electronic/ExploratoryHip Hop/GrooveJazzPop/RockRootsWorld
10:00 PM Island Vibes World
12:00 AM Rainbow Country Pop/RockSpoken Word
2:00 AM Revolution Rock Pop/Rock
4:00 AM Girlie So Groovie Pop/Rock