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  • Ad-Free Anniversary Programming

    Posted by Robin on April 24th, 2015

    We’ve been ad-free for one year and we’re going to celebrate with some special programming. Tune in from 8-9am all week long!

    People of Interest – Monday, April 27 – will explore the social psychology of ads and how they work to manipulate the habits of their targets. The conversation will move on to an exploration of marketing in sports. Why does team loyalty seem to have such powerful impact and how is it manipulated for commercial purposes?

    People of Interest – Tuesday, April 28 – will take you on a journey through the history of advertising. Where did advertising as we know it have its genesis and what developments helped shape the industry to turn it into what it has become today? As a follow up, our hosts bring in a typical marketer to help explore what may distinguish him from other members of the population. Finally, a marketing expert will help examine a sample car ad put together by a CKUW volunteer and explain how the ad can be improved for greater impact.

    People of Interest – Wednesday, April 29 – explores the art of political advertising. Do attack ads really work? How and why? How do they frame our political culture? What role does celebrity have in influencing targets of ads? Why are ads featuring celebrities so powerful? And then we examine how advertising has had to transform in the age of the internet and social media. Are the marketers keeping up? What are the societal consequences of the dawn of Direct marketing and what does this mean for privacy on the net.

    Femisphere- April 30 – takes a look at the dual sides of advertising – both the power to influence, and the power to be influenced.

    Wooden Spoons – May 1 – looks at how life would be changed if commercial advertising ended—what would be the effects on our well being, lifestyle, values etc?

  • Stylus Magazine & CKUW

    Posted by Rob on April 10th, 2015

    Stylus magazine featuring the CKUW Program Guide is now fully owned by CKUW! Although we’ve had a close relationship since the magazine started in 1989, the UWSA has controlled the publication & paid the bills.

    CKUW intends to honour the spirit of Stylus as a critical part of our local cultural scene. Print is expensive & challenging, but we think that even with the limited resources of community radio, we can make Stylus thrive. You can pick up Stylus at the locations on the map below, a bright & new spring issue hits the street today.

  • New Volunteers Always Welcome

    Posted by Rob on March 24th, 2015

    We are always looking for volunteers from all the neighbourhoods of Winnipeg. If you want to share music and information with the community contact our Volunteer Coordinator Victoria and ask about our about volunteer training, it’s easy and fun to make radio!

    Email Victoria – CKUW Volunteer Coordinator
    Our Online Training Course –
    Community News Commons story about becoming a CKUW volunteer – CNC Winnipeg

  • Peoples Choice 2015 - The Best of CKUW

    Posted by Rob on March 9th, 2015

    Help us pick who we should honour as the the best programming on CKUW. Votes for the CKUW Peoples Choice awards will be taken until 10am April 6.

    Vote here and let us know your favourites: CKUW Volunteer Awards

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