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  • Accessibility Matters

    Spoken Word

    Join your host BBS for a 30 minute discussion of accessibility issues in and around our community, including technology reviews.

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  • Adult Kindergarten

    Loud, Punk, Pop/Rock, Eclectic, Indie

    A noisy, psychedelic, dreamy, and spacey mind journey that explores D.I.Y. music from genres as diverse as electronica to noise rock.

    It is the aural equivalent of finger painting, playing in the sandbox, and gathering for story time.

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  • Alternative Radio

    Spoken Word, Public Affairs

    Alternative Radio is a weekly one-hour public affairs program offered free to all public radio stations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and on short-wave on Radio for Peace International. AR provides information, analyses and views that are frequently ignored or distorted in other media.

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  • Amateur Hour

    Electronic/Exploratory, Pop/Rock, Roots, Nostalgia, Spoken Word, Cultural Exchange, Variety, Poetry, Storytelling, Unexplored Realms

    Where bad is good and worse is better. Amateur Hour features the best of the worst. Artists and bands that never got their fair share of airtime for how seemingly weird, aweful or cheesy they are will finally get their due. Tune in every week to outsider artists, celeb singers, and novelty bands square off in a battle for amateur supremacy.

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  • Amplified Radio

    Electronic/Exploratory, Electronica

    Amplified Radio is a weekly mixed electronic radio show hosted by DJ Ampz and heard around the world. Check the full list of showtimes for details.

    The show features the best of Trance, House, Progressive, and Techno from around the world, all mixed into a 2 hour show hosted by DJ Ampz.

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  • Barking Dog


    Come join your friends on the front porch for an afternoon hootenanny. Barking Dog is here to guide you through decades of folk and roots music from all over North America. Whether you’re a longtime folk fan or just discovering the origins of today’s music, we’ve got something for everyone, and our bark is always worse than our bite.

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  • Bikini Drive-In

    Spoken Word, Cultural Exchange, Film

    Horror and feminism on the radio. Bikini Drive-In’s mission is to analyze horror and science fiction films through an intersectional feminist lens, while combining elements of screen and media studies, arts criticism, and women and gender studies.

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  • Binky Pinder’s Funhouse

    Pop/Rock, Indie

    Welcome to Binky Pinder’s Funhouse (rhymes with Pinky Tinder’s Bun-mouse)! I know what you are thinking…”It sounds like a really terrifying clown lives in there! This show sounds scary!” But what you will actually find inside is a journey into the mind of intrepid musical explorer, DJ Binky Pinder (aka Bucky Driedger), as he mines the past and braves the future to unearth the best vibes he can find. So come on over, have a seat in the living room and open your ears. Binky’s got the turntables and aux cables fired up and he’s very excited to show you his faves!

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  • Bluesday

    Roots, Blues

    Blues, jass, jump blues, country blues, psychodelic blues… blues.

    Host: Rockin’ Ronnie (Since 1985!)

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  • Boots and Saddle

    Roots, Country and Western

    From Austin, TX, to Austin, MB, from the Blue Door to the Times Change(d), expect a mix of classic and contemporary country from international and local artist when you tune into Boots & Saddle.

    Each Tuesday, if the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise, Sean and guests bring you country & western music that won’t be found anywhere else on your FM dial.

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  • Brain Drainer Radio

    Loud, Punk

    Brain Drainer Radio is two dinguses playing all kindsa punk from all kindsa places and all kindsa times. Tune in and drain your brain 10:30 PM to midnight every Friday night.

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  • Cacophone

    Classical, Electronic/Exploratory, New Classical

    This 2-hour music-focused show will illuminate the realities surrounding the genesis of great works of western art music of the last three and a half centuries. Each episode is built on a web centred around one or two featured works linked by personal, historical, sociopolitical, and/or philosophical threads. Each week will also feature an art music agenda in addition to critical segments, art song poetry analysis, and/or interviews with personalities of the Winnipeg, national, and international music scenes.

    Hosted by Sarah Jo.

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  • Cafecito Latinoamericano

    Spoken Word, Cultural Exchange, World, Latin

    This program features music of different Latin-American countries, and is a combination of music and spoken word. About half of the spoken word is in Spanish, with English translation. The objectives of the program are: a) to attract members of the Latin American community in Winnipeg; b) to encourage non-Spanish speakers to learn some Spanish; c) to share part of the Latin American cultures through music, news, and

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  • Chart Noises

    Pop/Rock, Eclectic

    It’s the CKUW music chart’s top 30 countdown! Get a jump start on your weekend with a listen to what bands and artists have gotten the most airtime on CKUW in the last week! Expect interviews with local noisemakers, different volunteers taking the mic, and many gleeful musings about how Winnipeg rules.

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  • Check Ca

    Hip Hop/Groove, Acid-Jazz/Funk

    We’re just two sisters who love music – of all different sorts. We love to share what we have & always like to hear new stuff. Radio is such a great medium for learning and sharing and just being able to express yourself! And with community/campus radio you don’t have to worry about pleasing advertisers – it’s listener driven radio.

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  • CheezePleeze

    Spoken Word, Comedy, Variety

    Since 2002 Internet radio fans around the world have been tuning in with delight and disgust to Cheeze Pleeze, hosted by Snarfdude and by first Moondog, and now currently, Daffodil. Each week the duo drops an irreverent mix of alternative cuts, celebrity oddities, novelty tunes and remakes sure to shock awe entertain and even baffle listeners.

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  • CKUSpeaks

    Spoken Word

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  • Classical Kaleidoscope


    Don Anderson is your host for Classical Kaleidoscope, presenting a wide variety of great music, from Baroque to contemporary, familiar and beloved works plus out-of-the-way gems that are sure to entertain you. To enrich your enjoyment, Don backs up the music with plenty of information and anecdotes, gleaned from his 35-plus years of professional experience at advocating great music.

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  • Crystal Palace

    Loud, Metal, Punk, Pop/Rock, Eclectic

    Hosted by 25th Floor Juke Joint veteran, Jamie Pierson, the Crystal Palace will be a place to hear rock ‘n’ roll. Local bands wil be featured regularly.

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  • Dance Hall Fever

    World, Dancehall/Reggae

    Join host Chubby D and DJs Barfly and Shorty every Saturday night for the best in Dancehall, Lover’s Rock, Conscious and Rub-a-Dub. All the latest dub-plates and mainstream hits from Dennis Brown to Beenieman.

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