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  • Camerata Nova on Shades of Classics

    Posted by Rob on December 4th, 2006

    SUNDAY, DEC.10:Shades of Classics will feature music from the beautiful new Christmas album “Nova Noel” by the local choral ensemble Camerata Nova.


  • Hardcore Roots

    Posted by Rob on December 2nd, 2006

    Friday’s (Dec 1st) Roots Rock Rebel Radio aired a great interview with CKUW News Director Geoffrey Young and American Hardcore writer and producer Steven Blush. The show also showcased a number of great tracks from the American Hardcore soundtrack as well as excerpts from a ridiculous Quincy episode in which the good doctor claims punk rock can kill! The entire show is now available for your downloading pleasure while American Hardcore
    is showing from Dec. 1-7 @ the Cinematheque.

  • Attack of the Weird Rockin’ Amish Hippies

    Posted by Rob on November 29th, 2006

    TomKat not freaking you out enough these days perhaps the more fascinating couple is Genie and Troy Nilsson, recently they sent along a hello email to CKUW and so it began. Regarded as the Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsome of the gospel music scene, the two have managed to sell millions of records despite a zero marketing budget. The story started when Genie left a prosperous corporate music career to move to an Amish farm, worship Yahshuah (Jesus) and make yoga music for Christians. A lifetime survivor of chronic headaches and self proclaimed servant of third world orphans – Genie boasts about throwing away all her worldly possessions including her TVs and radios. It’s weird that she has a website. One that’s full of colorful commentary about adoption, the legal system, the horrors of psychiatry (you’re not the only one Cruise) as well as hip Jesus jingles and picture spreads of their “big, brown beautiful beloved baby.” Genie is one busy pseudo-hippie-Amish-superstar although she admits taking the time now and then to play with animals, get a massage from her husband and go for a walk in the woods. But aside from the whole “Village – Madonna” complex, Genie along with her husband have managed to produce more material then the Beatles. From God awful Enya like worship songs to atmosphere drunk worship prog-rock to hip-hop hymns for kids. But what’s even more fascinating then worship rock volume two (another gem) is her Amish-breaded husband’s outrageous writing. On Troy’s webpage he discusses among other things the rise of the antichrist Murkans followers of Mammon which “dwell in the suburbs remote in hand.“Although the theory starts with a basic critique on the average American material-based lifestyle it broadens later into a thinly veiled Jews control the world banking system type deal that conspiracy nuts have been bleating for years. What’s even more absurd are the scripts Troy writes for antichrist commercials and hilariously graphic STI infested sex plays that would make even John Waters blush. But before you think the couple’s another Jonestown waiting to happen – don’t worry; Troy appears to be a pacifist and reclusive one at that. He seems to be drinking a holy different brand of electric kool-aid acid trip through his work- more of the cult hit Daniel Johnston variety; without irony, without compromise- brilliantly absurd. If you are interested in abandoning your Murkan ways or are interested in getting your mind blown in the throws of Christian sober psychedelia check out Genie and Troy at their website.

  • The Last Hybrid Sex Robot Afterparty

    Posted by Rob on November 24th, 2006

    Groove master, former program director and all around nice guy Art Ladd is leaving his show mattress dancers after seven years of playing music to get down to. For this reason you should tune in from 6 to 8 on Friday November 24 or download his show right here at

  • Les Georges Leningrad

    Posted by Rob on November 23rd, 2006

    CKUW along Captain Manners are presenting Montreal’s Les Georges Leningrad. Monday December 4th The Collective Cabaret. It will be indeed a show to check out. Les Georges have been described as a mangled mass of dubby Pere Ubuism, shuddering electronic clangor, lean post-punk guitars, and surreal lyrical non-sequiturs. Whatever the hell that means. Showtime is 10pm, doors at 9pm. Tickets are $10.00 in advance and available Into the Music & Music