This spacey instrumental EP from San Francisco weirdos Cloudland Canyon is a doozy. The A-side’s 12 minute epochal title track is a slow build of analogue ticks, glitches, and synth sworls oscillates upwards, suggesting a spaceship of 1950s sci-fi vintage preparing for take off to worlds beyond our ken. The B-side is split between two shorter, though equally cosmic, tracks. The first cut, “Closer,” sees our intergalactic rust bucket approaching the gravity of a world light years from our own. Clouds obscure a lush view of the alien world below, as we begin our descent through the planet’s atmosphere. What strange inhabitants will we discover? “Light Falling” introduces us to our new companions, as we finally descend through to the world’s surface. They are a fearful bunch, initially quite hostile to our arrival, but warm to our presence in time. And that’s when things get really weird here. Take an electric trip to this world soon, if you can locate one of these limited 500 copies. (Great Pop Supplement, Sheldon Birnie

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